Do you find circa/rollabind durable for long time use?

I keep reading people saying the smurfs (punched holes) on circa/rollabind pages wear out quickly. I bought some levenger notebooks and a cover cheap on ebay months ago. They haven't had much use so I haven't been able to test our their durability much. I have been wanting to use circa as my journal but want something that will last years. I like to go back and look at old journals. I am curious what your experiences are, have you found disc bound books to be durable? Would you use them as a journal? Thanks for your insight.

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If you use good, heavy paper, you will have a durable book. If you use cheap light paper, you will not have a durable book.

I have a small book made with index cards for pages, and the thing is like cast iron. Been using it for a long time, goes in my purse, on my desk, dropped on the floor, etc.

Also, you don't want to jam the pages in and you don't want too few. Either situation will cause problems.

The smurfs wear out more if you frequently reposition pages. Just turning them is less hard on them.

I have some books that are 3 years old or so..They don't get looked at much, but occasionally I pull one out and flip through. They're fine. Even the medical receipts I punched and added are ok--and those are some very thin stuff.

I can tell you that construction paper is NOT a good choice for circa. The paper itself breaks and bends and tears way too easily.