Where can I find colorful, "artsy" planner page templates?

Can anybody point me to a source for artsy, less-formal templates? I saw one on a web page that I really liked (see below), and wondered if there were similar examples elsewhere. Thanks!

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I'm not sure about templates...

...but I didn't much like the ho-hum design either. I ended up making my own calendar pages using the tables feature on MS Word. I played with fonts, etc. Also, I used PrintShop (but any desktop publisher will work)to print out backgrounds on the paper I used so it wouldn't be so "blah."

I printed the backgrounds at 30% tint, which uses less ink and makes it easy to see anything written on the page. Another note, I printed the backgrounds first, then ran the pages through the printer again to print the formatted pages.

I don't know about y'all, but I have a difficult time making myself use things that aren't visually stimulating, so I completely understand the desire for "fancier" pages.

Interesting, and good ideas.

Interesting, and good ideas. Thank you!

I love the design in the

I love the design in the picture. What web site did you find that one on?

Available on Etsy

The planner pictured is available on Etsy: Link for $10
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Agreed, that is a super-cute planner. I think it would be fairly easy to make myself, but I don't think I'd pay $10! Then again, half the fun is the DIY part

True, DIY is half the fun,

True, DIY is half the fun, though I'm not sure I would know how to make this. Do you have any ideas? I'm a total newbie.



Look on the template page here, and download something changeable (like in Open Office). Play around with it, see how it works, then you'll be ready to create your own. It helps if you have a printer at home, prefereably colour, to experiment on. I printed out 20 demos intiially, before I got my margins the way I like them. Now I have a series of templates I work off of (in MS Publisher)

best part

And once you get used to doing it and have some forms to work off of and start using your planner, you'll start thinking of all kinds of new ideas for templates for next year that are going to work specifically for you. This year, I added kind of a little "personal things to work on" form, and next year I'm adding more stuff for my writing and specific forms for the way I manage my finances and do my grocery list, etc. I really do look forward to making my planner every year.

I liked these....

...so I made some that are kind of similar (but specific to my needs). Once I figure out how to submit them, I will be happy to share! I love what they've done with theirs (ie: using rubber stamps to fill in the dates), so I will probably pick up a package of tiny stamps. What a fun way of embellishing an otherwise simple, clean look. :) Thanks for sharing the photo!

Try this....

I think this should take you to the template I made:


(I hope!)

Hi, That is really nice. Is


That is really nice. Is there any way of inserting the actual days/dates? Or does one just fill them in as one goes?


I just put the dates in the

I just put the dates in the little circles...

There are others here...

Do some digging on this site. Some include images, or watermarks, others are like the one I'm replying to. You'll enjoy the search. ;-)


2010 templates

is there any 2010 templates coming out?
i have looked at daytimer, dayplanner and filofax but cannot find anything that will suit my needs.
i use a week to view planner, but never have enough room, and day to a page is to much,
so i would really love 2 days per page would do the trick i think.

can anybody create one?



What sized paper do you use? I have one made up already to suit me, but maybe not you? What are your key points you want to have? You can PM my if you want.



page template

i use a5 and have a day timer desk size organiser.

Sure the 2010's are there

in the Dynamic Templates.

The original idea was to save Doug from having to re-make those every year
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Lots of weekly planners

I would start by looking in the templates directory under the user submitted forms in case someone has already made what you are looking for. I've made assorted weekly planners for myself in Excel and Word, but I'm still tweaking my attempts to suit my needs so I haven't uploaded any of mine yet.

The easiest way to make a classic sized weekly planner is to use the 'Four section' notes page from the Core templates found at http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/official/classic (pgs 62 and 63) and hand write the dates in. That gives you equal space for Saturday and Sunday and a section for notes too. You can also try the various weekly planners in the Calendar templates, or try the dynamic template to make your own (none of those layouts worked for me, sadly).

And keep asking questions here too. :)