PigPog: Moleskines vs Filofax Cost Comparisons

PigPogAs a general rule of thumb, we tend not to link too much to other sites, as there are other places (like LifeHack.org) that do a far better job of keeping on top of these things. But seeing as how our dear friend Steve is yet again practicing his Not Getting Things Done ;-), I thought I'd take this moment to point you folks at an interesting D*I*Y Planner -related post at PigPog. Michael has been recently trying a number of different methods of being productive, weighing mainly a Moleskine against a Filofax, and has created a cost comparison between the two.

PigPog, for those of you not familiar with the site, is a great blog that also concentrates on productivity and creativity, and it's on my daily reading list. On a personal note, I'd like to congratulate Michael (aka pigpogm) and Sam (aka pigpogs) on their impending nuptuals. He actually proposed online, in a blog entry. Fortunately, she accepted, also online. Those crazy kids....

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Thanks for the linkage!

Thanks, Doug - glad you enjoyed the post. I always agonise terribly over these sorts of things, so now I just pour the whole process into an article. At the end, I usually have a decision and a post that might be useful to other people.

I've made a couple of 'hacks' so far...

  • Made a template of six shaded panels that line up with the six numbered dividers the binder came with. Now I can just write the active project names on this sheet, and see at a glance which section they're in.
  • Made a pair of A5 tabbed dividers from one sheet of A4 - just by cutting it in half in a sort of 'angular S-shape' down the middle - so each half had one part a bit wider than half, and one part a bit narrower.

Oh, and we're 'pogs, not 'pods ;)

Michael Randall

Hello! T'other "pod" here

Hi Doug,

Ta for the mention and the nuptial nod. I don't think I could have come up with a more embarrassing proposal acceptance, but there you go.

Spreading the D*I*Y Planner gospel like a demented evangelist at work, and now all the active work between me and my boss have one of your forms at the front of the file. Hallelujah. :)

Busy playing with some new ideas for you which we hope to bring soon!


Sam Harris

Gotta be better than them pod pigs

heh, sorry. Typo corrected: not user names pigpod[m|s] but pigpog[m|s]. But at least I got the site name right, hey? ;-)