Initial DIY costs - Disc bound systems

The problem with some DIY is sometimes the initial cost.
If you just want to try the DIY system, costs for parts becomes quite expensive.

The paper templates are very good & I have lots of own material that I can use in a DIY planner / filofax.

I have tried to order disc bound "stuff" on internet from Levenger & Atom retailers and my intial costs comes to around 100-150 US$ or £GBP plus international shipping costs around 50-100$/£.

One of the critical parts is the binding mechanism - the hole puch is expensive & heavy which increase shipping cost and not all retailers have in punches in stock or have a reasonable price for them.

Please comment & if propose suitable retailers in northern Europe in general & Sweden in particular?

/// Howcan

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Sorry, no easy answer

Unless you can find the Chinese manufacturer of the Levenger/Rollabind hardware and order direct.
Atoma is based in Belgium and has retail points around Europe, so that might make it less expensive.
There is another Euopean disc-bound product called ADOC Systems. The discs appear to be almost identical to Atoma, but they are two different companies. ADOC is made by Aurora Productions also of Belgium

Sadly, their punch is, I believe, the most expensive of the three - Link
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Chinese discbound hardware manufacturer

I doubt that even if you could find the Taiwanese manufacturer where the discbound hardware is made that they would sell you just one punch.

Also, if you are just trying out the system why would one even purchase the punch?

The other thing is the weak dollar vis-a-vis the Euro and other major European currencies. This is an opportunity to buy product in the US at great prices. When/if the dollar gains strength again the opportunity will be lost.

Let's not forget Myndology which is basially the same as Atoma.


Initial DIY costs - Disc bound systems - Thanks for fast reply!

Time, Time... Not yet! I have seen... Well I was thinking on going to well lets say to countries not computersafe or fully internet connected & see if I can setup business... (Where's that you may ask.. Well we'll see... - another story...)
I need a system to organise my thoughts, Ideas without PC...

Anything in India? China - Well... I turn on tune in & Chinese out... I do not understand mysélf what I am saying... How can they... No India Thailand, Vietnam hm do not know... Not ready for BZNZ with China/Taiwan...

Is there a friendly soul in Northern Europe or someone travelling to Scandinavia/Sweden that can lend me against deposit or sell some second hand stuff... - Hm no shipping cost... Then I buy it against a small commision fee...

- Anybody want to be my friend? / Howcan

I tried talking to Atoma...

Well I have been to Brussel Airport a couple of times... They were not so friendly on the motorway at rushhour when I was late for the plane... Never again a car without GPS, Good map or co-driver...
- I have had some Grolsch... & Then short answer refering to retailers... retailers contacted not helpful... No I will not travel to Belguim just to buy this stuff...

Then it is Germany Berlin or UK & Brighton, Latvia & Riga - Anything good retailers there?

I need to update my plan... / howcan (Maybe I should just stick moleskin as a favorite & My notes all over the place just as they R in my head after a few beers! & slave under hard presentation making on the PC)

Check the list
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Just forget the discs

Hi Howcan,

In my (very biased) opinion the best thing you can do is forget disc binding.

Personally I think it's an expensive gimmick which detracts from what I see as the purpose of DIYing - making a planner that you want. Not what a manufacturer wants you to have.

Disc binding is unaffordable outside of North America unless you're using ATOMA notebooks and printing onto pre-punched pages.

There are heaps of other cheaper, practical options - book rings, magazine folders, presentation folders, spiral binding (even expensive spiral binding at a fancy printers would be cheaper than the freight cost of the discs to Europe), push clips, bulldog clips, etc, etc.


Jes but... It is individual choice - The punch is key!

Yez; I try systems & reject them & my notes R all over the place. I suppose that one should stick 2 a concept & follow it! But I fail @that. The thread is about the cost for the system... I have not tried it yet...

It is not easy for me since my head is screwed on differently... (I am a "lefty") especially if the raw input is big & the note taking is a part of building & processing raw data into value added data, information into facts actual things that lead to... facthandling into actions - evaluating / deciding...

I have been going from DIY notes with paper & pen to PC mindmapping but now I am back with paper & pen...

Yes it is to costly after along visit to the biggest office supplier in Sweden I realised - No Idea talking to shop person...

The Punch is the key & to get a mix of paper that & make myself with a standard punch that matches the bought stationary paper...

I read somewhere that STD is 3holes/1inch or 2holes/1inch, 34 or 26 holes

I think I am moving to a system where I can have post it notes, scissor & glue to reduce the importance of binding...
An A4 filofax with zipper to keep things in place...

There is no time like the present... Never to late for a new, updated plan... / howcan

I'm a lefty too and I do

I'm a lefty too and I do understand about coming from a different point of view.

The thing about DIY is that it's not about the Circa/Ring binding systems. I know it might seem that it's the only thing being suggested on this site as so many people here use it. But there are lots of people who don't use the ring systems too.

The cost should be what you're happy to invest in the system - knowing that you might change it again.

So, my main suggestion is ... work out what templates you want to use, if you want to use post-its etc. Experiment with a really cheap option, like a 2 Euro notebook or A5 binder. Once you've found what suits you, then choose whatever binder/folder/piece-of-string you want to use to hold it together.

I found long ago that choosing an expensive binder made me want to keep using it - even if I found I didn't like it anymore.

So I bought some stuff from levenger...

Since I could buy a a couple of new guitars & I just said to hell with cost efficiency & bought some circa equipment from levenger...
There was a 20US$ off... The shipping came to 85$... Its a laugh... Well the autumn & winter is coming... will just not go clubbing a until springtime...

It has gone almost a week & internet purchase order is on processing... Not so good levenger...
Anyways on a happy note i fixed my broken moleskine note book with rubber glue since the binding was broken... I got some rubber glue & now it is a good as new...

There is no time like the present... Never to late for a new, updated plan... / howcan

scissors and glue are good

I tend to use a bound notebook (various colors, sizes, types, and quality) and glue stuff, including forms from this site, into it. For me it works great and has a fun quality to it as well. I would also suggest you try loose binding rings which I got in assorted sizes at an office supply store. You can then make loose-leaf books out of various materials and various sizes punching however many holes you desire. The best thing to do is to experiment with what you have at hand and see what works best. I've had a disk punch since Levenger introduced them in (I think) 1997. I use the disk system off and on, but my planning life would not be a disaster without it.

To be honest, I think I

To be honest, I think I would never have tried or bothered with disc bound systems, except that I found a local store (in the USA of course) that sold many of the Rollabind stuff (heavy punch, discs, even some notebooks and pre-printed and punched forms) about 10 minutes from where I live.
Funny thing is, the people that sold it to me tried to discourage me from buying Rollabind, because of their bad experience trying to keep Rollabind in stock. This led me to buy more discs than I really needed, for fear of not being able to find it later, but it is relatively cheap locally, and no shipping involved.

I am happy with my decision to switch to Rollabind, but I would have never bought into the system without seeing it demostrated to me first, which the store was happy to do.

The system is so dependent on the punch, sometimes I fear I bought an species in danger of extinction.

In stores?

I've been looking at the Circa stuff, and it looks like it would be great for my writing. I've been looking all over the internet for cheaper prices (and am still looking). But if there's a system available at say a Staples or whatnot, that would be even better. Are these things available in stores?

Rollabind disc bound

Rollabind disc bound notebooks are available currently at Staples (I bought one a couple of weeks ago) and FranklinCovey stores at your local mall. The disks themselves and the punch are not normally available at local store chains (though FranklinCovey sells some kind of a simple kit), unless you happen to live near one of the several internet outlets that sell them (I do, in southern Ohio). I found it by simply doing a search for Rollabind on google.

Edit: odd, I cannot find Rollabind in the FranklinCovey web site, I wonder if they stopped selling it.

Not surprising

Chalk up another marketing failure for Jack Feldman (Mr. Rollabind)
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FranklinCovey getting out of Rollabind

At my FranklinCovey, what little Rollabind they have is on clearance. My guess is FranklinCovey is getting out of Rollabind.

Can you go back ?

I'm looking for the Plastics Value Pack. It included a (credit/business) card holder.
Classic size, please
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

The Staples Rollabind

I went to Staples yesterday to check it out (thanks, by the way), and I wonder if the Circa papers are higher quality. Are they?

I kind of played a little bit with the Rollabinds and it seemed as if the paper wasn't as high quality as I was led to believe. It looked like it might get easily worn out around the holes.

Yes, Circa paper is better

Yes, Circa paper is better quality. The rings and covers are also a lot nicer than the Rolla stuff. I have a few Rolla products and Circa blows them out of the water, as far as quality is concerned.

I agree

I bought some Rollabind stuff sold by Franklin-Covey and the quality was definitely a cut or two below the Levenger stuff. Rollabind was cheaper certainly, but it seems that you do get what you pay for.

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