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How extensive is your inbox? I can imagine that some may be desks-ful or larger. What do you use for an inbox?

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I use several pairs of inbox and pending box

On my pc, my desktop is my inbox, but I like to keep it clean, so anything I decide it is ok not to decide on yet, I put in a Pending folder, so the desktop can remain clear for current input and projects I am currently working on.
This worked wonders when I started doing it on my email, and my pending email is no longer full, and the inbox is very low (often empty), plus filters reroute expected forum emails to separate folders.

In my physical world, the pending box is always too full, but at least the chaos is contained in one box, so that I can attend to the physical inbox with a more relaxed state of mind (it helps relieve the issue of resisting the whole pile).

In my hipster and classic planners, I keep a separate sheet for projects I am resisting, so that I can register the bottleneck in a separate location, and the reason for it. This helps me go through the inbox (blank sheets at the back) much more quickly, by giving myself permission to immediately process that which I can decide on quickly (normally this is a no-no in GTD).

Some may point out that the Pending folder idea sounds a lot like a Someday/Maybe folder. The difference is that S/M is for things that are ok not to move on now, whereas the Pending folder is really just a bucket to catch leaks in the system in one place, to help prevent system melt down through procrastination.

This deviation from GTD has allowed me to not give up on the system, and to not berate myself when I am not squeaky clean. This may not work for everyone, but works well for me.

Nice job

It looks like you are very well organized Civil. Do you run into many snags with this system?

Not sure I am all that

Not sure I am all that organized, more like I have a reasonable amount of control on chaos, getting better with practice.

If you are referring to my deviation from GTD (Procrastination/Pending list/folder/pile), the main snag is that since most of what I resist is in predetermined places, it is easy to be tempted to look at them later, then not get around to them often enough. But it sure beats resisting the whole system out of frustration, like before.

The physical Procrastination box is my most neglected pile, the digital ones, as well as the procrastination list on paper, get reviewed more faithfully.

Like many here, I keep on tweaking my system, seeing what works. I have learned not to make too many copies of my templates, as I tend to tweak them about once a month or so (I thought going from Palm back to paper would wean me of that habit, oh well).