Looking for a reference

I seem to recall some weeks or months ago that someone mentioned a book called something like "How to Write ... More." My recollection is that it was written by a professor and directed to other academics to aid them in being more productive. I would appreciate it if anyone knows the book I am looking for and can provide a reference. Tried googling with no luck. Thanks.

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It may have been

How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing, by Paul Silvia.

Looking for a reference ... found

Thanks you so very much wayenyuf. This has a long search and you have resolved it. I am metaphorically beating myself for not writing the citation down. Serves me right for trying to rely on faulty memory. It is now textually inscribed. I am off to my academic library to see if they have it. Thanks again....Now to see if I get more productive.