diabetic log book

does anyone out there have a small size diabetic logbook template? I use an ultra one touch and would like to make my own log books that are the same size as the ones that come with the tester.

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Got a Scanner or Digital Camera ?

If I knew what it looked like, I could help.

Otherwise, I direct you to the Design Your Own D*I*Y Planner Templates page.
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Diabetic Log

Could use something the size of Re-Pocket Mod? Don't know if any of the forms will be applicable to what you need for a log.


Hi. You can print the entire onetouch logbook at WWW.onetouchlogbook.com. Click on the download and it will take you the the adobe reader. Iprint multiple pages like 8-12 with 4 to apage that is a small size or 2 to a page is bigger and more readable.

4x6 grid notecards

I was on insulin during my last pregnancy. I used top-punched (circa, but a book ring would work) 4x6 gridded index cards to make notes about food, glucose readings, and insulin doses. Each day had a new card. Of course, since I was on insulin, I was carrying my meter (one touch ultrasmart or ultra mini) and insulin pens in a hard pen case, so I had more room.

If you are just carrying the ultra, you might be able to use a 3x5 card, or if it's the mini, use business card blanks.

There is a weekly grid index card in the original DIYplanner templates that can be used, depending on how much you are wanting to track. And there is a (almsot) 24 hour logsheet that tracks for a week and prints on letter size paper, which could be folded down to fit in your case.

Just some vague thoughts. Hope this helps.

Log Book Design

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