Procrastination List, Classic and Hipster sized

Everyone has their favorite addition to the GTD system. Mine is the Procrastination List, a place to park things I am resisting, without having to grow numb to the entire pile through unnecessary guilt (did I: do the Weekly Review/ask the correct questions/ask "why" enough/blah, blah, etc). This allows me to empty my mind of everything in it without being hindered by items I simply cannot decide on right now.

The inspiration for this came from discussions in GTD forums about moving email you are resisting to a "pending" folder, rather than leaving it in the "Inbox", thus leading you to resist the whole thing. This led me to get a physical "pending" box (a see through crate) for my apartment (in addition to the "Inbox"), and eventually to this template.
All three ("pending" email, crate, and template) work very well, for me at least.

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By the GTD definition, anything you don't decide to move on, is a SomedayMaybe. The problem with that is that the S/M is not a daily review list, while the Procrastination List must be reviewed more often than weekly, of necessity, or it will automatically become a S/M, or worse, a "never".
Also, items in S/M are things you feel comfortable not doing anything about yet, while the Procrastination List reminds of things you want to move on, while not letting them get in your way right now.

I have created it in two sizes, classic and hipster (I use both). The file formatting of the classic size below is freely based on the work of hofsanoj's Next Step List-Advanced (great template by the way).
The main two columns are "What is it" and "Why" (as in "why am I procrastinating on this", a reminder of the reasons really helps getting things moving). This template size includes a few contexts just in case my mind unfreezes and I actually make some decisions (calls, errands, at computer, WaitingFor, quadrant 1, quadrant 2, and Someday/Maybe), as well as a Date column to track how old the item is.

The hipster size below is pretty simple for lack of space, just two columns, What, and Why.
For some reason, while I am allowed to upload multiple templates, I am only allowed to upload just one preview image, so I have only added the Classic one.

I hope it is helpful to someone.

EDIT March 2014: I created this when I was still using an inkjet printer. Since I mostly use the classic size, I did not notice that the hipster template doesn't work too well with my laser printer, so I may have to resubmit it (it was created with the intent to insert 3x5 cards on the feed slot, but on my laser I have to use the paper tray instead, or they will not print right, so I am forced to use letter size page templates to align 3x5 cards correctly on my Brother laser printer).

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Thank you

I found this while trying to update my 2011 calendar and had an ah-ha moment. Lots of things have fallen off my radar because I couldn't do them now or in the near future and they weren't work related. This is going to help me with my life/family goals. Thank you for creating and sharing.