4 x 6 vertically-ruled index cards

The other day I was wondering if 4x6 vertical lined index cards are available. By happy chance, I encountered some nice ones that very day at the Tuesday Morning store here. They are fairly good quality paper and don't cause my FP ink to feather. The best thing is that they come loose in a pack, not a pad, for easier Circa punching.
Did anyone else find these? My hubby works at Tuesday Morning and says they often, but don't always, receive the same items as other stores. Worth checking out if you're interested...1.99 for 100.

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I see 3x5 all the time. I've

I see 3x5 all the time. I've never seen 4x6.

other than Levenger...

I don't know that I have seen 4x6 vertical ruled anywhere. And needless to say, the Levenger offerings are a BIT pricer than the item you were lucky enough to find.

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Cut them down from a larger size?

I don't know if there are 6 X 8 cards (or larger) but if so....

That how I make my vertical 3X5 cards, btw, thanks to a hint from someone else here. One horizontally lined 5X8 cards slices into two vertically lined 3X5s plus a 2X5 leftover strip. And those strips have turned out to be wonderfully useful for all sorts of things.

(Yes, you can buy vertical 3X5s, but only in white. DIY lets you have them in yellow and pink and green and blue...)

Oh - great tip!

That's a good one.

Levenger sells vertically

Levenger sells vertically ruled 4 x 6 index cards.

The 5x8s are great!

That's what I use for my 3x5 verticals - and you're right, those 2x5 remnants are quite useful! I also like cutting the 5x8's exactly in half to make 4x5 verticals. The extra inch is not worth paying $20 or so for 300 cards from Levenger, and besides, the 5x8's come in lots of cool colors. ;)

You could try using your printer . .

I print to 3x5 cards all the time, using tables I create in Word and Excell. 4x6 should be even easier for a printer to handle.
I have created a 4x6 notebook as an experiment, but all I used it for is for daily blood pressure readings.
4x6 is too big to be pocketable, too small to hold any significant advantage over 3x5, so I use 3x5 and junior instead.