Generic Forms

Life is a complicated affair, and sometimes the D*I*Y Planner team just can't anticipate all the bizarre little things you'd like to track and organise. Or can we? Herewith, a number of generic forms that can be used for multiple purposes. Whether you're counting the number of red cars that pass your house during suppertime, or making a vendetta list of all the people who have crossed your path and boy are they going to be sorry!. there's probably an efficient way to do it.

This mysteriously unnamed form (pages 63-64) consists of four sections arranged vertically. Each one contains room for a section title or name, and six rows that contain an optional row name and a double field.
The Matrix form is a generic all-purpose table template that comes in landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) varieties. Think of this form as an "analog spreadsheet", capable of tracking whatever tabular data you'd like. Both versions have nine columns, which allows a row to contain a title, the seven days of the week, and a summary field. Possible uses include: exercise tracking; comparison shopping; weight-loss program progress; project task allocation and/or deadlines; distance between various locations; student grading; district financial reports; home brewing records; science experiments; timesheets; hamster breeding results; and whatever other strange things your mind might conceive of tracking.
Generic form for almost any type of list you might want to make. Possible uses: read/review items; things to pack for vacation; items on loan; books to find at the library; project materials lists; preparation for event launches; and beautiful women/men who haven't yet turned you down for a date. Check off as appropriate.
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