Circa Multitask Organizer?

Anyone using something similar than this? Care to post your template? It looks useful, but I hate to lay out money with levenger for a system which i shelve in a month, it would be nice to play with a diy version for a bit first.

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I just ordered it

I'll let you know.

Circa Multitask Organizer

I recreated the new Circa Multitask Organizer form in Letter size using MS Word, but am not sure how to post attachments here (I'm a lurker!) - if I can figure it out I'll post back. I also tried the Junior size (half of Letter basically), but found that was actually too small for my tastes.

... and I'm back! I added them as templates, here are the links:


I also posted my version of the PlannerPad format, which I was using before discovering these new Levenger pages.

PlannerPad Copycat:

Links aren't working for

Links aren't working for me.
"You are not authorized to access this page. "

I got that too. :-( -- "I

I got that too. :-(

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Admin Approval

Can we get these links/templates approved? I am excited to see them!

nay nay

In review

Doug and I are in the process of reviewing these three templates. I'm letting him handle it. It may take a day or two so please be patient.

If/When we can release them, you'll be the first to know!


Reviewing for what?

I'm curious, what are you looking for in your review? Is it a Word virus scan? Or more for something that might by copyrighted?

Admin Approval please!

I didn't realize the templates needed to be approved before they showed up. Oops! Hopefully it won't take too long. :-) I was able to add the thumbnails to Flickr if you want a preview:


Template submissions

Hi, Faustine. I've sent you an email about this. Please contact me if you don't receive it.

all my best,

Templates Rejected???

I have been waiting to see these templates, but they are still not posted in the directory... Were they rejected during review??? Please advise!

Please be patient! As Doug

Please be patient! As Doug said, he's working with Faustine and I have no idea where they're at in the deliberations.


Templates need a few modifications

Owing mainly to legal-related issues (think trademarks), I've requested a few minor changes to the templates to avoid the possibility of either chefz or this site getting into hot water with lawyers. (It wouldn't be the first time.) She said she was agreeable with making those changes and I hope she'll have them ready soon.

all my best,


I believe Ygor has a placeholder in the Dynamic Templates for adding something akin to this in the future, with columns.

Hey Chefz nice templates

Hey Chefz nice templates cant wait to print em out. Much better alternative to buying expensive levenger refills. Ill print these out in 30lb paper and it will be just like levenger

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

Just got mine from Levenger today.

But there is something that I actually don't like about the layout. The first column all the way to the left. I don't know what I'd use it for. I would prefer to not have that or to have that be way smaller. Then, the columns for the days of the week could be bigger. Because as they are now, one would have to write very small or else use 2 lines per entry.