Joanne's Circa Junior Notebook Cover by Renaissance Art

I wanted a very simple cover for my Circa Junior notebook that would slide into my handbag easily and not have anything that would hang it up on the edge of the handbag. I chose a custom book cover with measurements to accommodate my notebook with 1/2 discs and had it made in black leather with my monogram on the front. It is exactly what I was looking for... simple and efficient. I carry my pens separately from my notebook so didn't really want or need a pen loop. In order for the notebook to lie open nice and flat on my desk, I slide only the back plastic cover of the notebook into the leather cover, leaving the front plastic cover out. The notebook is held securely within the cover and does exactly what I want it to do. Perfect!

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That looks very nice--may I ask what you paid for it? I didn't realize RA did anything with black leather. Personally I'm a big fan of navy and purple/burgundy and sage green.. :) Their regular shade of roughed-up brown doesn't really appeal to me but the even dye on this one is very attractive.


You bet...

It was the standard price of their large book cover - $47, and the black leather is really nice, very substantial. I kicked around the idea of having them make one in their new avocado leather (I've got a book cover made of it and it's beautiful), but the black won out and matches all my other accessories.

:-) joanne

shris - leather colors...

Howdy Shris!! RA has a new full line of COLORED leather products and they are GORGEOUS. Check out the site... I bot the crandberry which is beautiful and may go for the avocado or the "burnt orange" one next!



I saw the colors, once I realized which product was being discussed (takes me a minute, sometimes :).

The colors do look nice, but it's gonna be a while before I get any more covers. I'm getting tired of punching my scratch paper, so I've gone back to a clipboard, for a while. :)



Yeah, since I cannot stick to a planner for more than a week, I figure I cannot justify buying more covers. I wish I could find "my planner", but I just cannot figure out what I really need! Oh well, the search continues, but I hope it ends with another RA cover!!!

P.S. I like the clipboard idea!!! Now I might have to try that this week! :)