Renaissance Art Left-Handed Folder Holder (folder slots)

As requested by JonGlass way too long ago, pictures of the beautiful left-handed Folder Holder by Renaissance Art.

The folio open, bravely taking the abuse of being folded back tent-style to show off the folder pockets. (picture 3 of 3)

My left-handed husband loves this folio, but I'm convinced my left-handed daughter will eventually wrestle it away from him. As the only right-handed person in the house, I can only sit counting the pennies in the piggy bank, eagerly awaiting the day I can order one for me!

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I see now!!!

Now that is very cool! Now, how hard would I have to work to justify this guy. ;-) Beautiful. It seems like a mini briefcase, of sorts. Definitely a beaut! Thanks for working so hard to post these for me. I'm blushing. :-) I love the "handedness" of this item. Thanks!


Cool beans!!

VERY nice! DO they do covers that fit Circa stuff?

Ren Art for Circa

They do indeed, and they are equally beautiful and useful. See the site at