Pen and Ink Inventory

This is a form for the penaholic. The front is 1) an inventory of pens, by brand, name, type (fp, bp, etc) and point (fine, med, broad) and current ink color and 2) an inventory of inks by brand, name, form (bottle, cartridge) and comments. The back is lined for samples of inks and pens listed on the front.

Paper size: 
Letter and A4
Screenshot-Pen and Ink Inventory.pdf.png
Usage advice: 

print page one on the front of the page and print page 2 on the reverse

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Adobe viewer and a printer
Pen and Ink Inventory.pdf9.54 KB
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I Love Your Template

Hi Liz,

Thank you for this fabulous pen and ink inventory template! I'm a real penaholic, and I've been looking for a way to keep track of pens and inks. This is fabulous.

Will you be at the D.C. Fountain Pen show on August 6-9 in Tyson's corners? Let me know if you want more information.