New Journals at Target - "New Leaf"

I was at Target on Friday and found many new items in the wonderful stationary isles...

First is a Junior size Journal using all recycled materials. The covers are made from cardboard boxes. The company name is New Leaf. It uses recycled paper as well and is held together with three "rings." Photos can be found in the DIYPlanner group on Flickr:

Also, I saw many different companies producing Moleskine Cahier look-a-likes. Some had three to a pack and some had two to a pack. Looked interesting - not sure what paper is like in them.

Check it out! Happy Shopping,
nay nay

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Target Ho

The reasons to go to Target just keep mounting. My son need socks too. See, I have a legitimate reason to go. Fountains pens, Rhodia pads, and now new recycled notebooks. Here I come...

Couldn't find the pictures on flickr. But that just adds to the suspense.

Where in Flickr, please ?

Theres lotsa pix there. Where are the ones showing this new paper pr0n ?
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Flickr Pics

Sorry, they are the first ones in the group of photos, so I thought they would be easy to spot. Here is the link to the first picture... Hope that helps??

i had no trouble finding

i had no trouble finding them and deciding Target is on my list of errands this week. :D

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The link helps so much
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I saw these...

...and was very tempted indeed, but I'm trying to work through my paper slush pile now. If someone were to try those fancy little all-recycled cahiers for fountain-pen-friendliness, then I'd be happy indeed (hint hint.)

I plan to...

Post an brief ink/pen review of one of those Moleskine wannabes I got at Target. I forget the brand. I don't think it was all recycled. In my initial tests, it compared fairly well to a Moleskine.

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i'm looking forward to

i'm looking forward to hearing about them :D

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Problem with new Journal...

Well, I found something that I do not like about these new journals... The holes do not line up with a normal Junior Size 3-ring binder. I was planning on carrying the journal around with me and using the binder as an archive folder, but the holes are punched differently even though the page size is exactly the same... Not happy about that. I guess I will just use these rings and make a new journal tonight.

So, for anyone looking to use a 3-ring binder as your archive, I would just make my own journal like the ones at Target! Buy the rings and cut some paper in half, punch and done! I just always think the planners I make look dorky...

Why spend the money?

While I agree wholeheartedly with the recycling concept, that is better done at an individual level. Everyone has cereal boxes, used up tablets' backing cardboard, the cardboard inserts that come in pantyhose and shirts, etc., etc., etc. which could be punched (or smurfed) according to whatever system and size you prefer to use as covers. We end up with a lot of one-side "mistakes" or draft prints on our printer that would be great to cut to size and use the backs of in a notebook such as this. In fact, I think I'll do that when I get home tonight.


that is exactly what I was thinking about. And actually, when I bot the journal I was thinking that I would refill it with my own used paper and maybe make some page dividers from cereal boxes, so I mainly just bot it to start the process pre-made...

what about?

A notebook swap kind of thing? :D

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What do you mean? Can you expand on your idea? (remember it is Monday and my mind moves vvveeeerrrrryyyyy slow!) :)


i was thinking - i could design a cover for a notebook of your size choice and mail it to you :D (i dont really know what i was thinking but this is the end product of the thought train lol)

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Swap is a GREAT IDEA!

Every part of the country (and world) has different products and thus differently designed boxes. So any of us may have unusual cardboards that someone from another location would find exotic.

This reminds me of an earlier thread where someone made circa covers out of video game boxes. I'd never seen anything like that and I thought they were beautiful.

i like it :)

i was hoping to find a pen swap site or a notebook swap thing but haven't sat down to look yet.

We could even exchange notebooks ... set a price range and characteristics (ie spiral or sewn, wide or college ruled, etc) ...

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I like it too

I don't stop by here as often as I used to, but I've updated my contact tab and would like to be in on a swap. I think the most interesting thing I could offer up would be a circa-fied journal made from dvd cases. I still have some plastic deep space 9 cases left. They make a very non-standard size notebook.

i visited target today but

i visited target today but resisted buying anything but a "brag book" decorated with lil whales and matching sticky notes ;)

I did see these journals! they had the junior size and even a 3x5 inch size that would make a great "ready to use" hipser pda if anyone is interested.

I liked the junior size :) Its got a nice weight to it and can see why you grabbed one NayNay. how is the paper? i might ask for one for my birthday if i havent bought one already.

It looks like the rings were smaller than the 1 inch book rings I have in my arsenal. just an fyi in case anyone was curious :)

oh and if you just want to see what was on the end cap i stumbled upon - click THIS

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