Lev Store versus Lev Ebay

Just thought I would throw this out there to all who check out the Levenger store at Ebay... Sometimes, the items can be found cheaper at the actual Levenger Store versus what is on sale at Ebay.

I found the Bookcloth PDA at the real Levenger (online) on sale for $9.95, so I went to Ebay to see if it was cheaper (as I believe it should be) and it was $14.95. Plus I think the shipping on Ebay has gone up ($7.00 for the PDA which is ridiculous!)....

So, just want all my friends to be aware that Lev on Ebay is not always the cheapest!

Happy Shopping,
nay nay :D

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Not only do they charge more

Not only do they charge more at the eBay outlet sometimes, but they don't accept returns unless the description was wrong. And they don't take the discount codes, either. When you buy something from the Sale category at Levenger online with a discount code, you can get deals that make the eBay prices look like highway robbery!