Next step list - advanced

This is my way to make use of GTD, but keeping all next steps in one list.
It keeps the split up of context and also job vs private.

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Edit in MS Word.
Personally I print out (two sides) and keep in a A4-binder.

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Microsoft Word
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Great Template!

I like to be able to see everything I am working on at once, which is why I always had problems with GTD - having 5 different "lists" didn't work for me. So, this template is a great solution to that problem! Thanks for sharing this!!

Very nice - and simple

This is one of those head slapping kind of forms --> "why didn't I think of that?" Seeing it makes so much sense. I have just printed out several and will see if it works as well as expected.

Thanks for thinking of this.....

The Passionate Pilgrim
-- Excellence through Simplicity


Great idea!

I changed the last 3 columns to priorities and that way I can look at context as well as the non-traditional GTD priority.