The Health Package is very slim at the moment, but there are plans to add more forms as time goes on. In the meantime, we present the two most requested forms, the Exercise Log and the Diet Tracker.

Exercise Log
This template gives you a place to record your fitness goals and track what makes you sweat. It lists columns for date, activity, time or repetitions, weight or intensity, and calories burnt. The form also has space for you to write your own thoughts and notes at the bottom of the page.
Diet Tracker
One of most perilous things the designer of the D*I*Y Planner has ever done was to ask for feedback about forms to track a diet. (He has never actually embarked upon such a life- and mood-altering experience.) This is what he came up with, based upon much research and many, many suggestions, often contradictory in nature. As such, he's sure it will be universally hated.


The Diet Tracker template allows you to track the progress on your diet. It contains columns for recording calories eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as the information on nutrition for each food intake. You can track two week’s worth of food intake on one single form. And at the end of every form, you can add up all the totals, note your new weight, and work out the difference from the previous week. Various notes fields are added for variations in diet methods.

If you have any heartfelt reactions to share regarding this template, please send them to the designer, and he'll be sure to ignore them at his leisure.

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