Levenger Page Finder Tabs (?!)


Is it just me or does this seem a bit odd ?

Why not just have dividers with the tabs on top ?

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Missing something


ygor, you seem to be missing the link part of the link. :)

I think they make them that way to save paper. :)

Yah, they're a little weird. Whatever. :) The page finder itself is pretty lame--no pockets for photos or the moving to-do list, etc.


Missed a double quote mark...

at the end of the URL.
And they are plastic, not paper.
What the heck ?
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I have ordered some...

FedEx will be dropping them off at my door tomorrow afternoon. They look interesting. I'll let y'all know how they are - maybe I'll even take some pics. :)

Did we find out?

Do these work as we hoped?

How odd!

If these are really graduated width tabs, you'd have several vertical bumps running the width of each planner page (for all the tabs that were after that page in your planner). Wouldn't you end up with wavy pages after awhile? At the very least, you'd have difficulty writing, I'd think. I even stopped using the page finder on my Franklin Covey because I hate it when you turn to a future date to write something and find yourself writing over where the page finder is.

Depends how thin they are

I've tried the FC pagefinders with inserts - those are really bulky. I have a pagefinder from Levenger and one from Rollabind - both of these are quite thin and don't pose much of a problem.

Still waiting on FedEx to get here... ;)

reminds me of onenote

It reminds me of ms OneNote (computer program). I see that it can mess up the writing surface, but I think the additional level of organization would be worth it.

When I saw them...

... I wondered if perhaps they made them cut down to save weight?

Or maybe for use in organizing notebooks that are purely archival or reference and not daily-use planners or other notebooks meant to be used for frequent writing? If one weren't writing in the book, then the waviness wouldn't be such an issue.