Whether you have a penny to lend or a penny to spend, what better way to track your finances than with a set of D*I*Y Planner forms?

To Buy
A variation on the basic checklist, this form offers a check box, a blank space for the item description, and a line for the store and cost. The bottom of the template offers a notes section and a box for the grand total of your spending spree. Simply write in your "topic" (such as Music, DVDs, Computer Equipment, Books, Electronic Gear, Home Improvement, Christmas Gifts, etc.) and keep track of the store and cost. Check them off as you get them. If you need to purchase materials for a project, you can use a copy of this form there as well. Especially helpful for gathering all those little "wishlist" items that occur to you at every time except when you're actually in a store.
Simple checklist-based template for groceries, office supplies, and any other list of items that you'll need to purchase while out on errands. Group by store for greater efficiency.
The Finances template allows you to track your spending and keep your bank account in check. You can use this to create a monthly budget, complete with dates on which bills need to be paid and the amounts due, or just as a simple ledger to record how much you spend and on what. Also handy for those people needing to keep careful track of their expense accounts.
Check Register
The Check Register template helps manage your checking account, and includes columns for check number, date, transaction, category, credits, debits, bank balance, and whether or not the check was reconciled with your bank.
Ah, our little craft project. While you're on the go, use this handy little envelope to hold and keep track of your receipts. This form is to be printed on 8.5"x11" (or A4) paper and folded. The instructions are included on the bottom of the page.
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