Notes Templates

What organiser pack would be complete without its own set of note-taking forms? The D*I*Y Planner Kit contains four different types of note taking forms that range from ordinary ruled formats to Cornell Notes.

The D*I*Y Planner template kit contains three variations of a ruled Notes template: light, dark, and no shaded margin. We suggest keeping a good supply of these in your planner's Inbox tab so you can collect any sort of information on a moment's notice, then move it elsewhere as needed. Some suggestions for possible uses:

  • Information that wouldn't fit entirely on other forms (e.g., further details for a project outline, such as more resources, contact people, procedures, etc.)
  • A daily work journal, listing things done and when
  • Rough notes taken during meetings or phone calls that you'd want to move to a pertinent section later
  • Technical information for mail, servers, networks, etc.
  • Schedules for events
  • People to keep in touch with on a regular basis
  • Restaurants or stores to check out
  • List of birthdays (keep a master list, and copy these dates into your calendar each year)
  • Outlines for reports or other documents
  • Suggestions for improvements to these templates ;-)
  • ...and so much more...
Cornell Notes
Cornell Notes is a note-taking method developed by Walter Pauk of Cornell University. Students and professors benefit from this style as it simplifies structure, provokes thinking, and helps internalize the discussion. The template has three sections: Notes, Summary and Cues. This form is best used when taking notes in class, discussions, seminars, or meetings. For larger PDF files suitable for a letter-size planner, as well as instructions on how to use this system, go to American Digest's Free Cornell Note Forms.
The Grid template is a simple grid-line notes sheet, especially suitable for such things as design sketches, mathematics, diagrams, map-making, game designs, and landscaping.
The Dots template is a simple dotted notes sheet, suitable for many of the same uses as the Grid template, but without distracting lines.
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