Weekly Undated Calendar in Word with Checklist

This is in Monday - Sunday format. It's very striped-down & customizable and the spacing is small. I just added my own personalized checklist to the right side of each day. There's a blank box after Sunday with lines for notes.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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I created this in Word after admiring a Lefty template by Alison Kleinschmidt. It's not as pretty as hers, but I wanted a personalized checklist on the right side of each day so I could track sleep, meds, lunch, working out, and connecting & preparing. I just found out that I'm bipolar, so I'm hoping this will help me track a few daily tasks & keep me focused.

After becoming frustrated with trying to learn a new program just to make a template, I decided to go with what I know. Word. I hope you enjoy it!

Creative Commons
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Microsoft Word
Weekly w Custom List.doc43.5 KB
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Wrong size

Sorry, I know this is an old template, just wanted to point out this is letter size, not classic. Any attempt at resizing it to classic just messes it up. Just thought I would mention it.