Stuff in stores that you cannot locate online

"I need more of it but the store doesn't carry it and I can't find it on the company's website."


Annoying, isn't it?

An item which takes can find the item but nobody seems to carry the refills. Then you look on the website can't find the item or the refills. People like me, who are pen obsessed, hate not being able to find a refill for a pen...especially one made by a well-known manufacturer. I am sure there is a 12-step program for pen obsession. I'm just not ready to admit I have a problem..but I digress.

With regard to products being unavailable or unlisted online, I suspect a number of things are happening at the same time:

  1. Companies have either manufactured or imported multi-millions of units of their products. The products are warehoused and sold over a period of years during which time the company discontinues new production of the item and removes it from their website. You'll still find it new in stores, but anything that goes with it, or more of it when you run out, is at best difficult to locate. That is because there are still items warehoused and in the company's various channels being sold to the public, even though the company officially doesn't make it anymore.
  2. The company is ice-agedly slow in updating its website and products are manufactured, warehoused, sold, and discontinued before they are ever listed.
  3. Some stores are a bit excessive where stock rotation is concerned. Things appear on the websites that aren't in the stores and vice-versa. Things are considered seasonal by the marketeers of the store's parent company, and are distributed in limited quantities. Then once the season, back to school for example, is over the product disappears from shelves after a few weeks and never joins similar items the store normally carries.

So what is the solution? If it's something you like and are using regularly, buy enough of it to last a year or two if you can. Try to find a forum that involves the product. The other users may be willing to ship some of it to you if they can find it in their area. CVS may not carry it where you live, but Rite Aid may on the other side of the country, so make friends. Contact the store owner or manager. They should be more than happy to ship you a quantity of the product. CHECK eBAY! Someone is probably selling the very thing you need. Keep pounding the mousebutton until you come up with something to refill or replace it.

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