Efficient Dissertation Writing for Successful Panel Defense

The challenge to perform excellently in dissertation writing is evident as the student reaches the end of the final stretch of the academic life. Years of scrupulous studying cannot defeat a student’s celebration upon reaching the end of his or her PhD education. However, the student’s thirst for victory intensifies as the day of panel defense comes closer.

Prior endangering one’s self with the battle of words, a student must consider taking frequent visits to his or her faculty adviser. Although it may be valid that most PhD students already have regular work, they need to extend additional effort in meeting up with their advisers. Visiting the library or surfing the internet is never going to be enough. PhD students must set up a meeting with their advisers for consultation and tips, especially on dissertation writing.
Proficient dissertation writing is the PhD student’s strongest weapon in presenting the study. Prior justification of the study, the student submits copies of his or her dissertation to respective panel members for review. This is essential in all areas of discipline so members of the panel will be able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the dissertations. Members of the panel include a combination of professors, department chairperson, and college dean.

At some point, the outcome of a student’s study may be prejudiced. The reason is due to the initial hypothesis of the student which he or she might want to prove valid or invalid. If this is prevalent, panel members can automatically discover loopholes in the study. To prevent this from happening, students must enhance on his or her dissertation writing skills. This way, the student can fairly present facts of both sides.

Through proficient dissertation writing, a student can write the study as flawlessly as possible, without giving too much inclination on one side. If the panel sees bias, the student might encounter complications during the defense of the dissertation. For PhD students, it is expected that they are to deliver close to perfect arguments since they have already succeeded two defenses in the past. These defenses come from undergraduate and Master’s Degree learning.

Showing signs of ineffective writing can endanger a PhD student’s ticket to the graduation ceremony. A student must understand that during defense, panel members will be taking down notes for further clarification. This will undoubtedly distract a student’s concentration while presenting the subject. Nevertheless, having a strong foundation on dissertation writing will not limit the student’s capability in responding to questions thrown at him or her by the panel members.

Upon having a good grasp on dissertation writing techniques that the adviser can offer, the PhD student is ready for the defense. After sending edited and proof-read copies of the drafted dissertation, the student should rightly feel confident about presenting a winning study backed up by the effectiveness of his or her writing skills.


With a PhD in English at the University of Southern California, Dr. Althea Mendez-Alcott advises PhD students of English and Comparative Literature techniques on their dissertation writing. Coming from a family of over achievers and married to a nuclear physicist, Althea enjoys complimentary visits to museums and artillery camps.

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