Chaos Contained: Large Integrated Planner

See your entire week at a glance and have all your lists and plans in one place. Great for families with children, elderly care, and college students. Everything is integrated, accessible, and visible.

This planner is 8.5x11 because integration is more important to me than compactness. Additionally, my paper planner has never needed recharging and has survived being chewd on, dropped into a bowl of cake batter, and being backed over with the car. DH cannot say the same about his Palm.

Paper size: 
Usage advice: 

Print each tab front and back, use a three hole punch, and place in a three ring binder. Make/buy tabs to stick on the sides of pages or use tab dividers to separate sections. I have other sections for food recipes, craft recipes/instructions, current projects, etc. Use sheet protecters if you need extra spill/slobber/etc. protection.

*Weekly page contains current month and upcoming month calendar.

*Daily areas to track differing schedules for spouses, children, elderly care , pets, or various subjects--i.e. reading assignments, labs, etc.

*Daily area for lunch and dinner planning, or use this area to track medications, diets, work, etc.

*Area to plan evening activities, or any daily activities or daily needs.

*Monthly page for special days and weekly to do lists, notes page

*Areas on weekly page for shopping lists, daily to do tracker, notes, and special projects

*Notes pages to print out

*Household tab has a basic cleaning list, quick reference daily routine, reference for repeating schedules, and quick phone number reference

*Good Behavior chart tracks behavior, chores, or other desired outcomes with grids sized for star stickers.

*Reference sheet tracks the calendar year through 2016

You may use or freely distribute this template; do not sell it in any digital or printed format.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Excel
Chaos Contained.xls1.26 MB
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This is amazing. How long did it take to develop this combination ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Wow is right -

I am really, really impressed. I can't wait to print it out and look over everything... This may be my replacement for next year. Cannot imagine how long this took you.

Thanks! I worked on it off

Thanks! I worked on it off and on for 6 months, but it is only about 15 hours of data imput and manipulation.

I'm continuting to update as I think of imporvements.

love it

I love this! I'm going through and customizing it to my family but this has everything. Can I post mine when I'm done?? How can i do that?


Started customizing for our own use already (our routines, language etc). Should work well with FlyLady-practices.

- customizing Filofax Personal -

I was on here flipping

I was on here flipping through stuff - this one got an "Oooooooo!" from me when I saw it. LOL Awesome! It is on the jump drive and headed home with me to customize. =) *woot*

This is absolutely

This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

Thank you!

This template is FABULOUS!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it. I've been updating it for our family and have included a time map and bill pay checklists and will be adding a bill pay checklist and travel section. LOVE IT!!!! :) Thanks again!

How to add to the file?

I would love to add bills and travel to this as did yours turn out? I have never added to a document.

This is absolutely

This is absolutely beautiful. I've been trying to get all my annual/monthly/weekly/daily tasks in one place and this is outrageously comprehensive. I'm going to add a "bills due" and "money spent" part. Great work!

I really, really like this!

I really, really like this! I have to change up the to-do areas, but other than that this is a keeper :)

doesnt open for me on 0S10.4.11 mac


hi there, it looks very cool, but it opens as an excel file with just some of the data all pressed together.

does this normally work on mac?


seems fine

on my Mac--using Excel X (ancient, 2001 version) and OpenOffice 3.0Dev. It had some minor formatting adjustment errors, but nothing pushed all together. You might be looking at the year-at-a-glance view. Try changing worksheets and also look at the page preview mode to see if it's really messed up.


Love it!

Hi I really really love this template!! My Excel program is not working right now thu. Is there anyway to open this template in word or anything?!?! please help, I would love to know! Thanks

Wow, I was looking for a

Wow, I was looking for a household binder, and I think this just might be what I need. With some adjustments of course.

Holy Cow!

Now maybe I can get my husband to understand I'm more than just a full-time working, mom of three, special-needs children managing, career-building, Masters-earning, home keeping, grocery shopping, bill paying, ADHD managing, life organizing, pretty face!! (tongue firmly planted in cheek.)
What an awesome template! I can't wait to get some time to customize it for our nutty family! Thank you so much for sharing!!

does not download the planner - just calendar dates

i think something is wrong with the file. what downloads is just a spreadsheet of monthly dates. your smaller one downloaded fine. but i want the larger one.

can you re upload it? Pretty please?


If you look at the bottom of the Xcel spreadsheet, you will see tabs with each month on them. Click on those to find each set of pages... There is a ton of info within this one file. Hope that helps!

Each tab is a different

Each tab is a different month or section. Also, you must scroll down on each tab to see all of the pages. Your screen may have it as a 1 page surrounded by a grey area. This is so that all of the formatting is easily visable. Scroll down to see the rest of the pages for each tab.

It's great!! Thank you. I'm

It's great!! Thank you.
I'm italian and I want to translate it for my friends. Can't wait to see the 2010 version.

Thanks again.

WOW! CHAOS Contained monthly

Do you have this in a 2010 verion that I could use? This ROCKS!

A dream come true!!

I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work that you put into creating this. This is exactly what I need for my journey to a more balanced life!! Thank you!!!!!

Wow! incredible!

this is incredible! When are you updating for 2010, hint hint?


Never posted on here before but this is truly amazing!! This is one of the pieces I've been looking for for my own planner!!

You are a genius!