Start up questions

I'm trying to get back into using the system after a long thoroughly unproductive break and I've got some questions.

1. What do you do with things like possible future purchases? I want to keep a list of movies I might want to buy and I have lists of stuff I want to buy for my apartment at some point. None of these things need action immediately and I'm not really sure where to put them.

2. How do you name projects? Do you keep them in big general categories? If so, how do you keep the different projects in those categories straight?

Thanks for the help!

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Re #1--I keep a To Buy tab in my binder with a list of Books/Music/DVDs. If it gets too long I break it down into one list for Books, one for Music, etc. For the apartment -- an Apartment list. I like to include the date I added an item to these lists because I try to wait 30 days or more before going ahead and buying (I read about keeping a 30 Day list somewhere and am trying to implement that with these lists). Ditto for Clothes, Gifts, Office Supplies, etc.

Can't help with #2 as I don't use projects lists in my work.

Okay you file them as

Okay you file them as reference. That makes sense to me. It's what I was doing before but my lists got totally out of hand. Right now I'm keeping just collecting in a small notebook and entering and storing everything in a makeshift excel spreadsheet. The 30 day list sounds really interesting. I might give that a try.
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project naming

I don't think it matters greatly what naming convention you choose for your projects so long as you stick with it

I use

Project (big event)