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One of the tools I've used to manage my time is the Daily Planning Worksheet from PowerSystems, but it takes up too much space and has a lot of pieces I really don't use.

The part I do use, and am most productive when I use it faithfully, is the schedule for the day.

I reference my work calendar and my personal calendar - both online - to see what I need to do that day, as well as my "To Do" list and pencil them into the schedule.

This may sound like extra work for some of you, but for me, the act of writing it down truly makes me aware of it in ways I'm not if I just rely on looking at my calendar on the computer screen and mentally planning out my day.

I took the schedule concept and added my favorite concept from Leo Baubuta's "Zen to Done" philosophy - the Most Important Tasks.

For me, this is where it gets really cool. Since I have been trying to have a paginated work journal (ala Dave Terry's Analog Work Journal) I wanted to integrate this into the pages, rather than having a whole separate page. I was able to fit 4 days on one letter-sized page then printed them on full-page labels and cut the sheet into quarters.

Now, it doesn't matter how voluminous (or not) my notes were from yesterday as I just slap the label on the next open space in my work journal. The numbering stays consistent - and if there's a day I don't need one (i.e. I'm at a conference or in training all day) I can spare the space in my journal.

I know there are a lot of folks who have worked to integrate their personal and work lives into planners, but I find I need to do just the opposite as I have too much integration as a telecommuter.

I hope you enjoy it. I tried to keep true to DIY format, while adding a bit of color for my own enjoyment.


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I used Avery white 5½ x 8½ shipping labels (Avery product #8126), but a full-sheet label would work just as well.

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Open Office Draw
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This is cool. I have been thinking lately about going back to my quarter-letter size for calendar and to-do, with larger paper on hand for notes. My quarter-letter is similar to your layout here, except that I make the lines a bit narrower for the times so I can fit the schedule down one column and either to-dos or notes down the other column. It doesn't fit much, but my days aren't complicated. I need a bigger page for notes than for calendar, for sure.


font used?

Hi, tootru,

This is a great idea and I'm looking forward to trying it. The labels are on the way, and I'm going to use it in my next work notebook.

What font did you use? It didn't come out the same when I exported to pdf to print on my pc. The text didn't line up with the lines.

Thanks for any help!