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Here lately I've been sorta discontented with my paper/planning life. Most of my to-dos for work are tracked electronically on lists that multiple people can see and contribute to. A few come in from emails, also electronic. Those are under reasonable control, but my personal stuff seemed to be hanging out like an untucked shirt.

I thought about going back to SHE, and started writing down my activity list and did a clearing exercise and was getting ready to do a fresh set of cards when I realized something. I don't really need help knowing *what* to do each day at home. What I need is the gumption to actually spend time doing home-work rather than sit on my butt at the computer or the TV or in a book.

I can see very clearly what needs to be done--that's the easy part. Tidy this, clean that, put the other away.. And I never really have any trouble picking something to work on first--it's just that I don't wanna get up and do it.

I re-read some of David Seah's stuff, and it seemed to me that his printable CEO was nearly what I need, but not quite. So I have been working on my own 'I Did' list to see if the reverse of a to-do list would be more motivating.

Does anyone else use an I-Did rather than, or in conjunction with a To-Do list?

I was thinking of putting the daily schedule & plan on one side of a sheet and the I Did list on the other side. I haven't incorporated the 'points' like David has (not yet anyway), but I have some checkboxes to check off and some blanks to fill in, and a few prompts to help me kinda journal the day. After reading 'Happier' by Tal Ben-Shahar, I'm trying to incorporate some elements to help me focus on positive things and gratitude as well.

Anyway, just curious if anyone else uses an 'I Did' list.


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Hi shris. I'm in about the

Hi shris.

I'm in about the same boat as you. I have a planner which I use to track things to do at home, but like you - getting the motivation to actually *do* something is really difficult. Moreso, consistency is my bane. Some weeks I track things well, others ... not so much.

I'd like to hear more about your "I did" list. It sounds like it might do the trick for me too.

I have the same problem about home stuff

I tried many systems setup by popular home making sites and people but I find them too rigid.

The only one I could relate to is Organizing from the Inside Out. I saw Julie Morgenstern's organizing products and they are not what I am looking for.

I would like to make, this is D.I.Y after all :),
something that helps with organizing stuff and chores in the house.

The idea of "Did it list" is really nice because it accentuate accomplishments.

I would be happy to help out

If you can describe what you want, I can make a template of it.
Or I can help you make your template(s)

That's what the site is all about.

Share & Enjoy !
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Lovely of you to offer your help ygor

I am still trying to figure out what I really need to include into the "house stuff" and what I need to do with it and what would make the most sense to me visually.

When I have all the data and an idea for a template, I will certainly ask for you help.

Your contributions and all the ideas shared on this site have already solved my problem for note taking, journaling and I also have a basic calendar setup.

But... that house stuff organizing still baffles me, I know I need a way to manage things, space and time in a paper based system.

For household stuff..


For household stuff, read "Sidetracked Home Executives" and see what you think of that method. It keeps all that stuff somewhat separate from any other system you use, but I even tried for a while making my 3x5 box the master planner for everything, and it worked really well.

Just not very portable.


? A completed To-Do list ?

A To-Do list with everything checked off would be an "I-Did" list.

You make a very good point. At work, I have to keep track of my "accomplishments" so that I can create a monthly status report.

An easy variation of the To-Do template would, in my opinion, include a date/time reference to show WHEN you dood it. Either an extra column or page-a-day.

Hey shris ! What page size do you use ? I could whip up a prototype "I Dood It" template.
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"I dood it"

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character of "Junior, Da Mean Widdle Kid"
catch-phrase: "If I do, I det a whippin' ... I dood it!",

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Thanks, ygor

Hi ygor.

Your form is the simplest form of "I Did" list, yes. The one I am working on includes pre-filled items in different major goal areas of my life.

For example, I have sections for my children, my house, my finances, my marriage, myself, my cat, my relationships with others. Each section has a few items in it that I want to try to do more consistently, like get the kids' teeth brushed every single night, or to brush the cat's fur more regularly. Then there are also some blank lines such as your form contains so I can record more freeform stuff like which chores I did that day around the house. I expect the items people would put on their own I Did list would be quite different from mine--even the major sections would be quite different.

At the bottom of my form I have a section just for logging my thoughts and moods for the day with these prompts:
Today I felt
I am grateful for

I'm still sorta working out the kinks, I just finished the form yesterday and I already want a tweak. :)

I'm currently doing this on letter paper, since there's a lot of stuff in it and I wanted room to write too. It doesn't have to be portable because I only use it at the end of the day. At least, that's the theory.


my 'form' I use to show the

my 'form' I use to show the major goal areas of my life is a one sheet document in word. i need it all on one page, for my brain to connect it together as 'my life'. It hopefully encompases enough detail to make sure I cover the basis, and I've got it laid out to visually remind me it's 'myself'. if I had simple lists, I really wouldn't feel connected to me.

My final document looks like a paper doll....I make the goal words in Word, and then draw in soft pastels with highlighters the

contains word goals having to do with my mind -
what am I doing to

gain in knowledge and wisdom?
then I have some specific time related action points - currently my 'mind' actions are related to my seeing an occupational therapist for a learning disability, brain sorting activities, etc. etc. etc. I'm proud to say I really doubt my job can tell how I'm having to compensate~!

my heart comes next which is drawn as a litteral heart shape, as a subset of my body

heart goals are where I have my RELATIONSHIP goals, I list these as roles

I am wife to, mother of, family to, friends with,
I have some US goals, neighborhood, larger community, etc.

my body would involve:
exercise, nutrition, honestly lately the CHALLENGE to revamp my cooking habits now that I'm working,

then I've got ARMS extending from my body,

one arm is MY TIME -
work, play, rest,
the other arm is

for me the arms represent the tangible things I do with my arms and hands.

wow, I write this and wonder if I've butted in and am way off topic,

well, regardless, shris and ygor, youve both impacted my life in significant ways already, just showing me the tangle smallish yet dramatic helps youve been.

I love my circia punch!

here's what I've done -

here's what I've done - given that I'm far more motivated by looking at accomplishments, rather than things yet undone!

I take a simple yellow highligher, and use that to highlight OFF my todo list. anything that is highlighted thus, has been done. I don't have a separate list, I don't keep another row, it's so simple, yet the more yellow I see, well, it's so satisfying!

I do keep 'lists' of my different 'big goals' in my different 'big categories', but since just regular lined paper lists don't make sense to my poor brain, I use more like the concept of a 'life wheel' to work at my balance. I spent years being so unbalanced, disconnected, it's helped me visually make sure I'm doing something in each of my areas.

Kind Request


I am new to this web link. Kindly let me know in details please, what are the things that I can easily do over here.

Thanks & Kind regards
Ajay Saha

What would you like to do ?


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Through this wonderful site, I recently (yesterday!) found this: http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/

I'm still researching it, but it sounds like it's very strongly I-did oriented; FYI.


to-dos's and ta-da's

I have a master list of monthly, weekly, and daily to-do's in very small font on a paper in a single sheet protector so I can use a write-on/wipe-off pen to check them off. That way I can see everything I have checked off over the month, the current week, or the current day and it ends up being impressive enough to keep me going. (The daily gets erased and redone each day, the weeklies each week, the monthlies each month.) I modified it from a spreadsheet I pulled from the PayrollSHEs yahoo group. It's a modified SHE/Flylady compilation. I tried Pam and Peggy's cards but they were just to fussy for me to shuffle around. I tried Flylady's zone system but changed it greatly to make it my own. I have slipped from my routines though and need to revamp to reflect life changes and new goals/tasks at home. My only solution to the "get off my butt and step away from the TV/computer/book" is to not sit down at them to begin with. Seriously, if I sit when I get home from work I don't get back up again to do much of anything. "A body in motion...." and all that. I keep moving until I feel I have done enough. Sometimes that is at bedtime, sometimes earler. I also rarely sit and watch TV - I have the TV on as background while I do laundry, dust, swiffer, do dishes, etc. It's rare that any show or movie pulls me in enough to want to sit and give it my full attention. Farmville, however, is another matter. :-)