Can you do that cookie-thing so we don't have to sign in?

It's just a little annoying to find I've written a reply, and then not be able to post it because I'm 'anonymous' and then have to go off and find a page to log in on. :(

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I think there is a cookie-thing...

But I think the cookie may only last 24 hours.

Do you procrastinate?


There is certainly a cookie (I haven't had to log in these past three months), but your browser may be forgetting it. Check your security settings, or allow it to "remember" this login/password as you're logging in. Perhaps you once told it "never" to remember this site by mistake? (A mistake I've made more than once in my favourite browser, Firefox.)

If you're still having problems, let us know exactly what browser and OS you're using, and we can take it from there.

all my best,

Huh. And as I go to write

Huh. And as I go to write this, I find it *does* remember me.

I dunno what happened before, or why it's working right now, but since it ain't broke right now.....Nevermind. ;)