Daily Lectionary for church template

I am a Priest and utilize the Franklin Covey Classic size planner.

I like the system and have even created some of my own templates to use. I would like to find a calendar page that has the Daily Readings and the vestment color for the day on it. I have attached a pdf that shows what I'm talking about.

Can anyone help me with this or give me some more detailed instructions on how I might go about creating the pages myself by using the mail merge feature?

Fr. Tom

classic 2 page.pdf71.08 KB
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Can be done, BUT...

this would not be a quick-and-dirty kind of thing.

Let's start with this: What did you use to create that example and what tools do you have at your disposal ?
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RE: Can be done, BUT...

well I have Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, well basically all the Adobe products. OpenOffice, MS Word...etc..you get the picture I'm not hurting for software :)

That template is one I pulled from diyplanner.com a while back. It's pretty much the FC layout which I like. It's in OOo Draw document.

Lectionary calendar -- Is this what you're thinking of?

Have you seen this page on the Church of England web site?

The excel file linked towards the bottom of the page seems to have what you're thinking of, though since there are no column headings I'm not sure that the vestment colors are included.

I don't know what your denomination is or what the differences would be, but maybe you could modify the excel file and merge it into a Word file.

This Episcopal Church page also has some excel files that might be useful.

Mail Merge

Mail merge instructions for a monthly calendar are here: http://www.diyplanner.com/node/2341

You'd need in your spreadsheet one field for each of the data points you want included on your daily page. So:
This Month (this would probably have to insert code to embed a graphic of the month)
Last Month (this would probably have to insert code to embed a graphic of the month)
Next Month (this would probably have to insert code to embed a graphic of the month)
Liturgical Time

Then you'd need your blank template in Word without any dates, leaving blank space for your merge fields.