Two Weeks to Valentine's!

... and I'm thinking of making a small gift, something that will survive a graduate student's busy schedule and the ordeals of air mail.

Despite innowen's totally cool bookbinding tutorials, I don't feel up to making my own book just yet. Fortunately, I found some mini-books. They're about 1"x2" andt hey're held together by a single binder ring. Very convenient, although certainly not as pretty as a hand-sewn book would have.I might need to reinforce the cover with plastic in order to withstand rough rides on backpacks and in wallets.

I've spent the last few days writing down things I like about my significant other into that little notebook. I've also included some memories and trivia.

How is this related to D*I*Y Planner templates? Well, maybe you'll get an idea for your own Valentine's Day thing! Time to start thinking about how to make your D*I*Y Planner-loving significant other feel really special. If you're planning to celebrate Single Awareness Day instead, I promise to have a good tip next week. In the meantime, here's a grab bag of ideas!

  • Write a love letter and sneak it into your S.O.'s planner. Punch the letter and add it to Today's page if you need to prevent it from falling out. Paperclips also work.
  • Pencil in (or ink!) a romantic date on your S.O.'s calendar.
  • Write messages on a pack of index cards. Use one side so that your S.O. can use the other for planning. Example: Reasons why you're in love, happy memories, coupons that can be exchanged for chores or other things.
  • Fold heart origami and put secret messages inside.
  • Have a calendar that lists the dates and descriptions of your stories as a couple.
Any suggestions?
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