Techie Binder -Paper and PDA

I have been working with all the paper binder/planners for the past 15 years- Covey, Day Timer, etc.. I currently am back on the Covey- 7 ring Classic binder. It's only the 1 inch so I can hold one month at a time.

What I'm looking for is a larger 'binder' that when closed can hold my cell phone/pda.

I need about 4 inches more of width on the inside cover for a pocket to hold a phone/TREO PDA.

Any ideas on something 'custom' like this?
Thanks, BK

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I've got something like this


I've got a black classic binder with a pocket on the *outside* for tech gear. Holds both a cell phone AND a PDA with two pens in the outside velcro flap pocket. Zip binder is from Day Timer, in excellent condition, still with the original note pad in the rear inside pocket, both plastic page lifters.

It's got a handle on the spine for carrying, and I added two silver grommets to attach a shoulder strap when needed (strap not included).

If you're interested, I'll post pix and we can talk price. :)

---edit: Found a pic I'd already taken. This is the binder, open with stuff in it. I don't have a pic of the pocket on the outside yet, let me know if you want it. I do still have all the page protectors if you want a few. :)


Thanks for the reply. I'll

Thanks for the reply. I'll pass. Looking to kep things inside and protected from weather and 2 kids.

You might consider...

A small bag/briefcase rather than a fat binder
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