I have a bunch of junior-sized stuff, but the notebook is too big for carrying in smaller purses. (I've been trying not to carry gigantic bags lately.) I like the compact size, but I could never get paper for it without spending lots of money (Levenger) or wasting time (cutting sheets myself).

Thanks to fellow forum member rfe posting about a sale at Levenger, my compact problems are fixed. And (unfortunately for my wallet) the company has lots of various compact size stuff on sale -- pocket dividers, zip pouches, all kinds of goodies. I couldn't help myself. Some stuff is still on the way to me, but I do have one of the 300-sheet refills now so I can use my agenda.

My setup:
-- Weekly pages (currently written on index cards from my hPDA while I wait for my $2.95 2008 agenda pages to arrive)
-- Monthly tabbed calendars ($4.95)
-- "To Do" tab, with lists by day and "Someday/Maybe" lists
-- "Reference" tab with lists and phone numbers and things in it
-- "Inbox" tab to mark where the blank pages start

The tabs I'm using are Post-It durable tabs on card stock. I didn't want to pay the $8 for Levenger dividers, plus I wanted my tabs on the top of the planner rather than the side. (Side tabs are the monthly calendars.)

I've ordered a book sling at alceria's recommendation to hold my pen to planner. The Levenger covers -- leather and bookcloth -- are just too thick and bulky for my tastes. Maybe I'll try a bookcloth one at some point -- on sale, only if I stick with the compact size -- but I like the translucent covers just fine.

So if you're thinking about trying the compact size as a planner, you can get notebook-plus-refills, monthly calendars, and weekly agenda pages for $17.85 (and that's before using the 20% discount code). Not bad for a pretty nice planner. Of course, come December I'll have to shell out $30 for the 2009 agenda pages, but I have until then to see if I stick with the format. (Given my love of changing planners, one never knows if this time it'll be The One. Better to do it on the cheap until I see what happens.)

I just wanted to geek out and share. Thanks for reading.

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Excellent value

When we were in the Levenger store, my wife pointed out the super compact sale items to me. We both looked at them, but decided that the size is too small for us to use comfortably. Even my daughter, when I asked if she wanted the spare compact sized address forms and to-do lists that came in the sampler, said she preferred the larger pages.

Viva le difference! Now I'll wait for a sale on the classic and letter sized items. :)

I would love to carry the

I would love to carry the compact for the same reason you do - so it can fit in my purse nicely, but I really need the junior size because I write so many items on each day. I love the leather covers but I found when I put them on the compact size, it needed larger rings and then it was too big for smaller purses.

Room to write

If I was working I'd go back to my junior size. But I'm not (stupid back injury), so compact is just the right size for now. I was using a homemade Circa PDA, but that was a bit too small even for me. Thus the upgrade.

Grab Compact while you can

The manager at the Tyson's store says that the compact size is going to be discontinued. That's why they are all on sale, says he.
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replacing compact?

I find it strange they would discontinue the Compact size without replacing it with something else. With Compact gone, there'd be nothing between Junior size and 3x5". I could see two things you could replace it with: quarter size page - that would make it easy to make your own pages by chopping letter size in four. You could also use 4x6" index cards. I have a Circa punched 4x6" notebook sitting next to my phone to take messges.

I have noticed some 4x6" products showing up on Levenger's website - personalized index cards and card writers. No 4x6" Circa products, but I would not be surprised to see that happen.


Levenger discontinuing compact...

... is even stranger considering they just recently introduced the web password notebook and health journal in compact size. I wonder if they plan to re-size those...

Oh no!


Good thing I have a punch...

if u have a punch

you can buy refills from other brands and repunch them if you don't mind the look... i am planning on using some refills i have stored from my old cambridge 6 ring planner i used to worship.... :)

i hope levenger reconsiders getting rid of the compact... unless they go to a quarter letter size! 4.25 by 5.5 would be really handy!

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