Yahtzee/Yam Scorecard

I wonder if anyone who can do templates (I'm rubbish at it), could have a go at doing a scorecard for the game Yahtzee or Yam. It's a old dice game. I know it as Yam which I think is a French version but it's sold in toy shops as Yahtzee.

I'd love it in a hipster size (4up preferably). I always carry dice about with me for the game but scoring can be more awkward.

I'm going to try to attach a basic word version so you can see what it looks like.

Fingers crossed :-)

Yam Scorecard.doc32 KB
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I think this is a great

I think this is a great idea! I haven't played Yahtzee in ages. I'd be willing to try my hand at a classic template, but I've never dealt with the hipster size, so I'm not sure I could pull it off..

If you're interested in the classic version, let me know. I think I'll eventually make one either way (and start carrying dice to school!), but if it's just me interested in the classic size it's going below some other things I'm working on. Not to mention the whole new semester + homework issue.

For anyone who is willing to try the hipster size and wants a better idea than the word doc above, you can google "yahtzee scorecard" to find an image of the official one. (And yes, I'm being lazy and not wanting to deal with the link vs. spam issue :P)

Google is the answer!

Thanks for your post. Why I hadn't quite googled that before I dont know! I have searched but this took me straight to a pdf file with two scorecards side by side. How cool.
I'll play about with the printer and see what size I can shrink it to.

Might as well make use of what's there already.

Happy dice throwing :-)