new Circa Kyoto disks for all the Circa fans

I received the new Levenger catalog last night and saw the new Kyoto Circa disks. I must have these, along with a brown leather Circa cover to go with (she says, resisting the urge to whip out the credit card).

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Ohhh, Pretty....

Those discs are gorgeous!

There are lots of items on sale it seems and many new things popping up. Like the Note Card Action Board and the 3X5 Pocket Protector Kit....

Always something fun to look at and then of course, buy! ha ha

I just received the Kyoto discs today

I got two sets of them. The rings are beautiful, but they are small.

My husband has a saddle junior Circa and a forest green PDA. The rings should be fabulous with both of those colors.

I also had to have them, although I don't know what I'll do with them. I've been using 1" rings on my junior notebook and 1.5" rings on my letter notebook. I'll have to severely weed out my notebook to be able to use those things.

I wish they had them in bigger sizes, but imagine the cost! They already cost 4 times the price of the regular 3/4" rings!

OK, I'm officially jealous now

of your new rings. Maybe bigger ones will come out soon. Too bad Ryan's not still here to let us know.

Those are gorgeous

But I was strong. There's no way I can justify buying those at that price. Black is pretty. ;)

purple bookcloth cover

Has anyone seen these in the store near a purple bookcloth cover to see if they go together? I see in the description that the Kyoto discs have some "lavender" in the color mix and I'm thinking that they might look spiffy with the purple bookcloth.

I have the rings,

and mine only have the tiniest bit of lavender, and I can see it best if I hold the rings up to the light. That said, they are very "random", so another set may have much more lavender. Most of the color seems to be dark brown and a caramel color. There is also quite a bit of a teal blue, with not much lavender.

I don't have a purple bookcloth notebook, but I have seen the rings next to 4 different covers. In my opinion, the rings look good with the blue bookcloth, horrible with the red bookcloth. They do look good with my bomber jacket foldover, and they look best of all with my husband's saddle foldover.