Looking for: Blank 6¾" x 3¾" paper

Does any place still sell blank 6 3/4" x 3 3/4" 6 hole punched paper?
I am talking completely blank, no lines or anything.
I used to be able to buy this at any stationary or office supply store, now I can not find it anywhere.

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Probably not

But then this is a DIY forum.
Get yourself a punch and a cutter and go for it.
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I prefer to leave the DIY

I prefer to leave the DIY part to what goes on the pages. ;-)
The only punch I have ever seen for this size page is a POS plastic one that does only one or two sheets at a time.
As for cutting my own paper, I fail. I have never been able to get even consistent pages that way.
However since finding this site and looking at all the great ideas I am thinking of moving to the Circa/Rolli style and going 8 x 5
since this style can be opened up and folded back.


You might want to check with

You might want to check with your local print shop. Many of them will do a custom cut-and-punch for reasonable prices.

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Yes - online!

FiloFax has them. Not sure if you want to order online though...


OMG !! How pricey !

$4 gets you 30 sheets and $9 gets you 100 sheets.
I do not want to know what they (over)charge for shipping & handling :)

I'd still recommend investing in a punch and a cutter
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Thanks for the link, but

Thanks for the link, but $9!!!???!!!
I can buy several reams of paper for that.

Filofax has a metal hole

Filofax has a metal hole punch, and you can get Office Depot to cut the paper down for you--they charge by the cut, and I think you can get three sheets from one sheet of letter-size paper. And maybe it would take four or five cuts--you might get several years' worth of paper for less than $20. And they could punch the holes for you, too.

And they have lots of colors of paper, too, if that makes it more fun or interesting for you.

I use classic size, and get them to cut down a ream every year or so. That just takes one cut, so it's cheaper. It might be worth it to change to classic--it would eliminate a lot of stress over getting paper and getting the holes punched.

hey, you asked...

...and I found...

best of luck in what you decide to do. :)


i still have this punch on my wish list
might be an affordable more reliable alternative to the plastic punches...

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bad links

both links in that message have expired. I do not know which model punch you were looking at.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I know it had 7 punch heads and was completely adjustable and even mentioned something about being good for most planners.... :/ I'll hunt around after work if i get out of here at a decent hour.

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this one ?


or this one : Link-Linkety-Link About half the price and half the punching capacity (5 sheets vs. 11)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Model A7074011K looks very familiar - that's the one on my wish list. :) Thanks Ygor!

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There is a punch on the filofax site for $40 and a couple on the Franklin Covey site for $22.95... (metal)

Thanks for all the replies

Thanks for all the replies from everyone.
I made it back to town early this afternoon so I went about trying to find paper.
First stop was Staples. When I asked about getting a ream of paper cut in to half sheets (8½ x 5½) they looked at me like I was out of my mind and had no idea what I was talking about. Next stop was the local printers. Sure they could do it. One ream of 20# copy paper cut in half. $17!!! I think they mistook ream for action instead of amount!

I do not know where else to go. I have tried googling for smaller paper with no luck.

Am I truly thinking too far outside the box?

Be persistent ... and burn some gas ... in search of the grail!

It isn't easy, but then I suspect that that's one thing that keeps many of us addicted to the search.

I've found Office Depot to be both less expensive and more helpful than Staples. The closest Staples to me doesn't do things like binding and cutting in-store -- they send it to another Staples. When I learned about that, I just went directly to the second Staples and found the employees there to be much better informed (and informative) at binding and cutting paper down. So the different stores can be quite different experiences. It depends on the employees working there, and their interest and experience, after all. But overall, I've found my local Office Depot to be even better than the best Staples in my area. So try several different stores.

I've gotten used to going all over town looking for what I want--it just goes along with being an office porn addict. It didn't used to hit my gas tank so painfully. Fortunately I've learned what's available at the various stores around town so I don't have to drive around so much now.

My daughter says the world is a scarier place for her now that she knows that there are other office supply fetishists (if I may use that term) traveling around out there and that we even have gathering places on the internet, as well as lurking in the day planner aisles at the stores. And then she found the Facebook group "I have a thing for day planners." Surely we're not that weird, are we?


I created that group, totally out of humor. I don't know about others, but I think my obsession is to feel a sense of control. I think obsession is more like it, rather than fetish, since I'm not sexually aroused by day planners (though, now I'm oddly curious to find out if there are people who are). My day-planner obsession is about the same as those have an obsession with tools, knick knacks, shoes, etc.

Not a fetish -- just a "special interest"

Sometimes it annoys my family to drive around looking for a particular kind of notebook or paper or hole punch, so I feel like a weirdo. And usually pursue my searches on my own. A lonely life, with solitary interests.

And when we're overseas in places where an Office Depot is only a dream, it's fun to look at all the strange office things in little "stationery shops" and "libraries."

Thank goodness for DIY Planner -- a place where I can fit in. I agree that we're not fetishists, we're just hobbyists. Or people who care more than others about our pens, pencils, planners, and other office supplies.

For example, a couple of years ago I found staples that seem to slip through paper more easily than the standard ones and stocked up -- I now have several stashes in various places, even in my car! And I make a point of buying good heavy staplers, one for each office I use -- it's so wasteful to spend time trying to unjam a flimsy stapler. Oh, sorry, was that a rant?

Well, anyway, to many people we seem to be obsessive, strange, or odd. Ever since my daughter made the comment about the lurkers in the planner aisles I've felt uncomfortable, and tend to avoid my favorite places. But then I come back to DIY Planner and get my courage up, and then go to the supermarket or WalMart or the drugstore and browse the office supplies.

It's true that we're not so different from those who obsess about shoes, tools, knick-knacks, etc. The problem is with those who think we're strange, not with us.

Let's just enjoy our little pleasures and not let the others bother us.

never be ashamed!

My response to someone who says "but you already have so many" is to bring up one of their likes... (shoes for example, or cds or dvds)... i simply and casually reply "you like –___ - and I like stationery" ... usually reminds them that differences are okay.

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New Filofax Professional System

On the UK website, on the Time Management tab--it looks like they've published a new system with new forms. For example, a Performance Areas page and a Gantt project planning page. Does anyone know if they're going to sell this here in the US?

Filofax Professional System

The link doesn't seem to work, so the one below can be cut and pasted into the address bar--


It just occurred to me that I get excited about new planners and new templates because they sometimes elicit new ways of thinking about my work and my life. Sometimes I set up a template and never use it, but don't consider it a loss because the process of thinking out the template helped me understand something new, or think about something in a new way. That's a very useful thing, I think. Shoes won't do that for you.

Sorrry to disappoint

I've been a filoFax professional user for several years now and being based in the UK have been known to visit their retail outlet in central London --- something that I did last week as it happens. During one of those infrequent visits I usually buy my annual update set for the coming year, so I purchased the 2009 last week.

The graphic on their (UK) web has been showing the same thing for as many years as I've been buying from them. I see no new Gannt project planning page; that's simply the yearly project planner page. The performance areas pages has been available for years too; though the last set I purchased had clearly been around for a *long* time as it doesn't really match the typography of the rest of the system.

Not available in the US?

I haven't seen them in The Daily Planner's catalogs. Well, anyway, there's nothing earth-shaking about the forms. I wonder why they're only on the UK website. The US site doesn't even have a Time Management section. I saw the Professional System mentioned in a post on the Filofaxy site this afternoon -- it was news to them,too. The fold-over sheets remind me of the TimeDesign forms.

There's a difference!

I haven't seen them in The Daily Planner's catalogs. Well, anyway, there's nothing earth-shaking about the forms.

None of the filoFAX forms are earth-shattering in their complexity. But I find them to be well designed; for example, faint rules compared to the heavy/thick rules of D*I*Y Planner --- though ygor's programs give one some control over them.

I wonder why they're only on the UK website. The US site doesn't even have a Time Management section.

Didn't know there was a difference. Have you tried contacting them? The UK people have been very helpful and pleasant whenever I've had problems. Could be worth asking why the professional system isn't available in the US. Might be worth asking why only the UK has these forms available.

I saw the Professional System mentioned in a post on the Filofaxy site this afternoon -- it was news to them,too.

There's a "Filofaxy" website? Google only gave me a link to some flickr photos when I searched for that word.

The fold-over sheets remind me of the TimeDesign forms.

Perhaps there's some marketing/licensing deal going on between them; I don't know that there is. Or maybe filoFAX think that TimeDesign has the market sown up.

Oops -- I misspelled that

Oops -- I misspelled that website name -- it's Philofaxy. Sorry about that.

Maybe Filofax has licensed the Professional System to some company here in the US, although I haven't seen anything like it at the office supply stores.

I agree with you about the faint lines. You mentioned in another post that you have ADD and the dark lines annoy you, and the same is true for me. I print my planner in gray, not black. The Moleskines are printed so faintly that I have trouble reading them, but Filofax is about right. Also, my ink jet cartridges are expensive and tiny, and the DIY Planner template style just makes dollar signs start dancing across the page when I think about printing them. Of course the print density controls help.

When I saw the page about the Filofax Professional System, I immediately wanted to rush out and buy it. After all, the the list of features and benefits could have been developed by studying the needs of people with ADD--

This is a tool to assist you in:

* Developing a personal sense of time
* Scheduling tasks, delegating and planning the day
* Putting plans into action
* Managing and tracking projects
* Running time focussed meetings
* Controlling monthly expenditure
* Having a balanced life

If it could really help me with those areas, it would be a tremendous blessing. But I looked at the forms and realized that I already have things that are similar, and if I would only use them more diligently they would help me as much as the Filofax system. Or any other system.

First time I've seen it spelled like that ...

I've never seen dyslexia spelled ADD before ... but hey how would I know I'm dyslexic. ;-)

I don't use filoFAX for any of those reasons, As long as I turn up on time to interpret for my clients and don't double book myself then the "sense of time" is working well. What I find frustrating with time management is that other people want to manage my time; phoning me or talking to me when I need to concentrate on something else, etc etc. Persistent offenders are shown research conducted by Esterling in 1980 and what their "two minute" interuption costs in real time. I used to include it in my software estimation calculations back when I was a software engineer.

Also I now have no one to delegate to or other people I have to plan time for --- even when I co-work with another interpreter that's done by mutual agreement at the time and usually amounts to the 20/20 rule (20 minutes on/20 minutes off).

No projects to work on and I don't really need to deal with expenditure.

And I've definitely got a balanced life, in the sense of Richard N Bolles "Three Boxes of Life".

I use filoFAX for the one reason that those feint/grey lines are unobtrusive.

If the same system supports some with another issue such as ADD/ADHD then I'd propose that it is a good system.

I see no reason why we can't bring in forms from other systems if they suit our purposes. For example the short-cut DayPlanner pages would be useful to me occasionally but filoFAX don't do anything similar. One of the reasons I'm not that concerned that some of the older filoFAX templates don't quite match the current ones.

Keep looking--Prices will vary

I got a ream of paper cut down for less than $10 at Office Depot--that included the four or five dollars for the paper and a couple of dollars for the cut. And they put it in a nice little box that keeps dust off and keeps the paper neat. Very cost effective.

You can order A5 paper from Graytex dot com. A ream is $19.15. Plus shipping, of course. I placed an order with them a couple of years ago (not for the A5) and their service was good. I guess a ream of A5 paper would be 500 sheets of A5 -- whereas if you get a ream of letter paper cut in half you'll have 1000 sheets--so it's worth driving around to different places and trying to find a place that can cut a ream in half for you. Last time I went to have it done at Office Depot a new employee was there and I had to show her where I wanted the cut, but then she did it while I waited. Took about five minutes.

Now the Office Depot price

Now the Office Depot price is more like it.
However Staples and the Local Printer are my only 2 local options at 25 miles away.
My nearest Office Depot is about 70 miles away. Looks like I will have to wait on the paper and continue to work on my templates and scanning in time tables and such.

Thanks Glenda


I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I have Obsessive Compulsive Order.

Not to beat a dead horse,

Not to beat a dead horse, but if you go back to Staples or the local store on a different day or a different time of day, when someone more experienced is working, they may be able to help.

Paper cutting

It may sound like a bit of a strange idea, but ask at your local hardware store or anywhere that cuts wood, chipboard etc to size. They just might be able to cut the paper for you for less than the stationers.

Even if you don't want it cut by the hardware store, their quote would be good for haggling with the stationers.


I made the trip to the big city today for some other reasons and ended up at Office Max.
2 reams of Multipurpose 96 white 20# @ $4.49 each and $1.09 each to cut. Nicely boxed up for a total of $11.16 and 2000 half sheets of luving! (Just ordered my Circa desk punch from Levenger too.)


I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I have Obsessive Compulsive Order.

Congratulations! I hope you

Congratulations! I hope you will be punching and organizing happily very soon. Annoying how hard it can be to find something so simple, isn't it.


6 ring binder

Does anyone know where I can find a binder with 3/4" rings that holds 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" paper? Thanks for any help you can give.


Slimline/Personal binders have 3/4" rings

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)