Ubiquitous Capture Tools from JugglingFrogs.com

I was recently introduced to a web site (through another web site) that I found very intriguing, so, of course, I wanted to share it will all of my D*I*Y Planner Friends!

The site is called jugglingfrogs.com and is produced by a woman named Carolyn. She is the mother of five and I believe she's the most organized and efficient woman! Her site is full of inventions, hacks, and many tutorials. Everything from making your own cookie cutter to my favorite which is what I'm going to discuss next.

Carolyn calls them "Ubiquitous Capture Tools"... I call them "Genius". Two things make this nifty product. They are the homemade rolodex and the car clipboard.

My favorite of the two is the car clipboard as I have been trying to figure out what to use as a capture tool in my car. Especially because I always seem to have "things to do" while I am driving home from work. And I believe, if it is not written right in front of my face, I will forget!

Now, looking at the scrap paper Carolyn has used for her car clipboard, imagine developing scrap paper that will fit in your current planner and the car clipboard (like Carolyn does for her rolodex cards). So, if you use Circa, you could smurf one edge and punch a hole to hold it to the clipboard. If you use a binder, punch the holes to match both the car clipboard and your binder. The possibilities are endless – which is exactly what I love about DIY!

Hope you find many uses for this project and enjoy reading through Carolyn’s blog!

Oh, by the way... Who am I? A new writer for D*I*Y Planner! Yeah! I am called nay nay around here and have been cruising around this site for over a year. Hope you enjoy my postings – I look forward to your comments!

ttfn (ta-ta for now),
nay nay

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juggling frogs

Curious as to the sites that led you to Juggling Frogs (who stopped posting in 2007).

Another great capture tool I've found for my commute is Jott.com

It's free to register and once set up, you just hit the speed dial for Jott on your cell, leave yourself a message and it shows up in your email. When you arrive, there's your note (and a link to the audio if Jott couldn't understand you).

Great stuff.

LOVE Jott.com

I use this quite often to remind myself of things that are work-related (the jott goes to my work email address), however I have not figured out how to use this to remind me of things that I need to do on my drive home from work and situations like that... Hence the need for something else in the car. Love jott.com though - I would definitely recommend this!!

Thanks for the post!
nay nay


She's not too organized. She hasn't found time to post since Dec 2007... Just saying...

She made a new post today...

She made a new post today... Just saying ... ;-)

Cellphone recorder

Another idea for in the car is the recorder function of many cellphones. May be a little safer than writing while driving.

don't write and drive

yes, I guess I should have made the comment in my post that I write when I am not driving. As stated, I was looking for something that would remind me as I was driving home, so the note would be made before I put the car into drive. :)

Thank you!

I appreciate the kind words and that you enjoy the site. Thank you.

Anonymous, you have a great point. While my site has projects, solutions and tools that have worked for me, I hope nobody thinks that I'm trying to cast myself as some sort of productivity expert.

I'm just sharing the stuff that I find helpful. I do this as a hobby, not as a career. Blogging is something I enjoy, but it's not one of my commitments. For a few months, it had to take back-seat to higher priorities, in order that I could meet real commitments.

I have tried to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high, and that is why I haven't posted the standard "I'm too busy to post" blog posts.

Thank you again, nay nay for the compliments. I'm glad you enjoy Juggling Frogs.

Love your ideas

I adapted your idea of using a blank moleskine with adhesive Outlook weekly views as my agenda this year. It works really well for me. I glue in each week's calendar then take all my meeting, phone call, work journaling, etc. notes following the calendar. I love this system. I have one place where all my notes are together, I can Xyron (yup, I'm turning a brand name into a verb) business cards, ephemera, etc. and stick it on, and every now and again I print some photos of my dd14, a beautiful place, or something humorous on the color inkjet on printer paper and stick them in just to remind me of what is important or to lighten up my day. I have a Flying Spaghetti Monster graphic on the inside cover. I use this moleskine every day. I have combined this system with a FC week-at-a-view thin spiral bound agenda that I use for longer range planning. I found the Outlook 4-up calendars too small to write on so having the slightly larger FC for writing things in my calendar before I get back to the computer is great. Thank you for the inspiration and great ideas.