Forum Post and Link Resource: Pen Addiction?

I stumbled onto this today... Pen Addicton

He reviews, shows writing samples and images of all the pens. He even links to other pen related sites n things of interest :D

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Good find sara... i'll be

Good find sara... i'll be adding this one to my feeds. I love reviews of pens that not only go into descriptions of how the pen looks and feels but of how it writes. Images are always a plus.



I can still catch a quick look-see around the web when my program is loading slow lol... SneakySneaky ;) oh i miss my web surfing days!

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Reviews over on FPN

I've done the first two (of five) reviews of "budget" fountain pens: each costing less than $20.00.

Hero 78

Picasso 903

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The subject says it all.

Awesome! It's like porn for

Awesome! It's like porn for pen lovers. I am hooked.