Those Mead binder notebooks

Have you guys seen these? They're basically 3 ring binders where the cover folds around to the back like a Circa notebook. I've seen them in the school supplies at the drugstore. I want one, but I doubt I'd actually use it because all my school stuff's in Circa notebooks at this point. Still, they look cool. Brilliant idea on the part of Mead. I would have loved one back in high school.

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I couldn't resist...

I had to go to the drugstore this morning to get some prescriptions filled. They told me it would be half an hour before the meds were ready.

So, uh, I went to the school supply aisle.

I bought one of those binder notebooks. And a three hole punch. And some paper. (And a ruler and compass, but I needed those for algebra anyway.) I didn't spend much, but now I'm using the binder notebook instead of Circa and I'm feeling guilty for cheating on my disc-bound notebooks. But the binder notebook and three hole punched paper are so much more durable than Circa...

I'm still using a 3x5" hPDA, though, so I haven't abandoned Circa entirely. Although I was really tempted by that small 5 Star notebook this morning. I didn't buy it, though. Mostly just to prove to myself that I have some restraint.

To be fair, I haven't bought any office/school supplies in months. So I refuse to feel bad about blowing twenty bucks on cool toys-- uh, I mean, tools. Yeah, tools. :)

Is this the "Flex" line?

Is this Mead's "Flex" line? I have to admit I haven't haunted the school supply aisles as much lately (probably a good thing, really.)

Here's what I bought.

Yep, Flex. Link

letter size?

Is the paper standard 8.5x11"? I wonder if I should take a peak. I have nothing working for me right now... I'm a disorganized mess!

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Standard letter size. Takes filler paper or whatever you feel like punching. I'm using filler paper for my math practice, but 28# laser paper (printed a while back with light gray lines from for the notes I really want to keep and reference.

I'm so goofy with new notebooks. I like holding them and looking at them and imagining all the possibilities.

Yeah, I'm a dork. :)

Fellow dork here

I don't like to write in new notebooks because I could mess up all of those possibilities. Glad someone else shares my dorkiness.

Me too!

Although I must say that it's easier to bring myself to use the binder notebook, since I can take all my pages out and it would be like new again. :)

Oh, and...

Besides putting away most of my Circa, I've also gone back to Pilot G2 Pro pens (extra-fine point, blue ink) instead of using my fountain pens. Sigh. I have all this beautiful expensive stuff, and I'm back to cheap stuff. (But the cheap stuff works so well! I guess I shouldn't be complaining...)

Oooh... I have never heard

Oooh... I have never heard of Circa before... what is so great about them??


For me, just the thought of using ringed binders almost gives me the hives! I was soooo glad to discover the Rolla/Circa method! It took me a while to understand one difference. With a 3 ringed book, I needed 1 1/2" rings to hold 3/4" of paper. With Rolla, I can have much smaller rings/discs. And the flexibility and all it gives me...

However, I suppose that, were I still studying and writing notes, I would use 3-ringed paper still--but I never used a binder. I would use them loose-leaf in my manila folders, and then put them into a presentation-type folder (with those flat metal things that you folded back over to hold everything together) for studying for exams, and archival purposes. I don't think I would change that. But for everything else I need, give me Rolla. :-)

And I still prefer fountain pens, for some reason.... I think because I cramp my hand less--even though I'm a leftie. ;-)



I still love Circa, it's just that it doesn't work for me for school stuff. I'm using my 3x5" Circa PDA, but I don't have anything else going right now.

I got some colored tabbed pockets for my NoteBinder today. Happy! :)

I trimmed my Flex Binder to

I trimmed my Flex Binder to nearly flush with 8.5 x 11 paper. I love the ease and simplicity of three-ring binders, but their size and, for me, unecessary ring capacity frustrate me. Komtrak makes a similar (better, imo) product called KooolBind--its rings are free-floating and better designed--smaller. Unfortunately their covers are much more rigid and thus not easily trimmed freehand, like the FlexBind. Having said that, the very kind people at Komtrak will trim the covers if requested. Be aware that Mike, the designer/man who takes orders might sound bewildered as to why anyone would WANT to do such a thing to the excruciatingly and painstakingly crafted KooolBind.