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In response to a request in this thread: LINK I made this template. It's a quick and dirty Word template for writing Cornell-note style. There are no headers, titles, etc. Just a blank document with the lines.

The one trick that this pony has is that you can type multiple pages, and st ay within the confines of the main body area. The first page has added text fields for the summary and comments sections, but those don't carry through to added pages. I couldn't figure out how to do that part, and they are just text boxes anyway, which are easy enough to add.

I didn't make an OpenOffice document, but can convert it if there's a demand for it. Post in the comments if you are interested.

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The best thing to do is to open the file, delete the text, and resave the document as a Word template in your preferred location. Saving as a template should be easy. When you change the format in the "Save as..." window, Word should open your Templates directory for you.

As for writing, just type. To add items into the left and bottom margin, you just add a text box and type.

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Microsoft Word (and possibly Open Office)
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Jonglass said:

(and possibly Open Office)

Opens in version 3 Beta for Mac. Also opens in Apple's Pages 2.


and did it have at least a vague resemblance to my thumbnail? :-)

(I suppose I could open it up in my NeoOffice/OOo3 beta and Pages, too.... I'm exhausted, though)


Close enough

Given the differences between the packages yeah the notes looked close enough to the thumbnail for it to be useful.

Similar Idea

I created a quickie template at work, using MS Power Point. On a landscaped slide, I built two Cornell-ish templates side by side with a grid in the main fields and then printed up 50 copies on my personal stash of good paper. A few minutes at the paper cutter, a heavy-duty staple, and I've got two notepads formatted just the way I like 'em. Bonus: if I need to I can take them home and punch them to fit my Circa binder.


working great with openoffice 2.0.4 on windows.


Glad it's working! (wipes head in relief!) ;-)


how to make text box in left hand column


i downloaded the template and wrote in the right hand column, the space for main text, but when i click on the left hand to add cues it doesn't activate. how do i use that column or create a text box there?



The instructions...

..... in the post above say the following:

As for writing, just type. To add items into the left and bottom margin, you just add a text box and type.

It's been a while since I made this template, but it appears you will have to add the text box yourself. I think one reason why I left them out was because these were intended to be printed, whereupon the extra stuff was to be added by hand. I think also, you can't have empty text boxes on the page, which would mean adding dummy text to all three fields. blech.

You can try it yourself, however. Try adding the text fields to the template, and see if they stick.


So anyone know how to make

So anyone know how to make in the left column stay in sync with the right. If you insert text into the right you have to go to the left and manually insert spaces.