Bag, Briefcase, Purse, Box...

I've been searching for the perfect bag, or at least one reasonably close. My current carry is a cheap canvas briefcase that has done the job, but is near the end. Over the years I've used hard-side briefcases, soft-side briefcases and in one interesting experiment, carried a "brief-box" for almost a year. The box worked surprisingly well, and invited some interesting questions.

I don't care for backpacks, and the messenger bag I found that I really like doesn't come in colors subdued enough for business use, so this is one of those "when I find it, I'll know it" situations.

In general, it doesn't have to be big enough for a laptop. If fact, my next laptop may very well be an eeePC. It does have to be big enough for a letter-size notebook or two. I like pen loops and a pocket for doo-dads like glasses cleaning wipes and chapstick. A small outside pouch pocket for my cell phone would be nice.

I'd like to hear from y'all. That's right, I wrote "y'all", I say it out loud sometime too. :) What do you look for/love about/wish you had in your perfect daily carry bag?

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The perfect bag


My perfect bag would be lightweight and adjust in size from an evening bag to a medium sized purse to a messenger tote. It would have an organizer pocket for the cards and currency I usually carry. It would be reversible--black on one side and something brighter on the other (like blue or red or purple). It would have zipper closures on the two or three big pockets I'd want besides the organizer. The strap would be long enough to go cross-body, and it would *not* be as wide as a dang seat belt.

To do all that, I'm thinking it would have to be made of parachute silk or something else strong and light along those lines. :) I might also consider zip-on 'modules' that would otherwise fold up tiny.

Of course, it would have to be classy looking--suitable for business or casual. Not overly decorated, since that would add weight.

Wow. That's not impossible, right? :)


My perfect bag

A D&D bag of holding. Seriously.

post pics?

wait, guess that was supposed to be for Tournevis' comment.

Yours, I meant, yeah me too!

So, would a bag of holding make suits pill up? That's what I hate about all they nylon bags.


I could not find my perfect

I could not find my perfect bag anywhere, so I asked my sister the leatherworker to make it. It's perfect.

post pics?

pretty please?


Will do. I promise.

Will do. I promise.

Perfect Bag got ruined

Our university does not provide food service for their workers in the summer (think Oregon's lack of support for education!) so I carry my own coffee in the summer. I had a leather briefcase I got in Buenos Aires. Loved it...very sleek, businessy, and spoke "world traveler"! Well, the thermos leaked--not leaked--flooded its contents to the bottom of the bag on my bike ride to work. I had three drops left in the thermos. I ruined my textbooks, files, etc. So, while it is drying out (I treated it with saddle soap and still has watermarks up to the coffee line) I got a Vera Bradley messenger bag and I love the softness of it. It is not a lot of weight, adds the structure I need, but does looks girly. I work in education so girly is not a power problem. I can only rise in my profession by working twice as hard as the men---tee, hee! My point is: it will go nicely with the eeePC that is coming tomorrow. DIY costs me money!!!!!!!! Ha! The review was irresistible. So I am lightening the load and think I ham heading for the perfect bag situation. It does not scream "laptop" at the airport, etc.

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New bag-Timbuk2....

I recently bought a Timbuk2 messenger bag. They come in sizes XS upwards. I got the small which is perfect for me as I need to carry A4 (letter) size sheets but it fits my eee pc and A5 (classic) size notebooks. XS might suit your needs.

Now they're not really cheap but I got mine in the REI sale at $35 it was a steal (I did have the advantage of visiting from the UK at $2 to £1). They will last forever by the looks of them and they have 3 coloured panels but these could all be black if you wanted.

Go on google it....

Have you checked Levenger?!

Levenger has the Bloomsbury Grand Zip Tote Bag on sale right now for $49.95....and then of course you'd use the 20% coupon code to get it even cheaper. I ordered one over the weekend. It seems perfect! Six pockets. A zipper across the top. Roomy inside. Leather handles.

They also have the smaller Bloomsbury Book Bag. I believe the only difference is the smaller size and no zipper. And it's only $39.95.

I make bags...

I also have been on the search for the perfect bag. So in my dissapointment of not finding one I decided to start making my own. Sorry guys they are not really man friendly, my designs are mostly tote and purse like. I dont go messanger bags or brief case looking bags because to be honest I am not really sure how to. But I make totes, I put in lots of pockets so that everything can be put in its place. My Fiance is working on a website for me right now so I can show my work. I am going to try to upload some pics on flicker and post a link in case anyone is interested. They are all made to order so colors, patterns, sizes and amount of pockets are decided by the customer.

By all means

I'd love to see your work.

My wife also makes purses and tote bags of various kinds, each one a little more 'perfect' for the task it's designed for.

It could be worse. It could be shoes. LOL

It's funny you say that

I just traded in my shoe fetish (work is very restrictive on types of shoes allowed) to a purse fetish. Of course, the purse/bag/tote, must be perfect enough to carry the perfect notebook...


I will upload some pics onto flicker but I am wondering how do I post up a link here?

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The bag I carry

Is a Maxpedition Multi Purpose Bag. It's a big bag that can carry a laptop that I don't have yet, and has several side pockets for stashing all kinds of gear. I currently use it for my day job at an engineering firm and a part-time evening job at a local police department.

The bag is big enough to fit two letter size Circa zipped notebooks, a Levenger traveling file box, two knives, two flashlights, multiple pens, smaller notebooks, field guides,spec books, binocular, camera, phone, back-up batteries and other junk that accumulates during the day.

There are two velcro straps that can get in the way of one of the side pockets, but do provide a handy place to hold a roll of drawings during the day and either a flashlight or baton at night.

My only complaint is the lack of an exterior pocket that can hold a water bottle. Maxpedition does make another briefcase with pockets like that, but seeing that I got my bag on e-bay for a song I can live with carrying a bottle in my hand.

Found MY perfect bag at the dump!

It is a carrying case for an older Motorola call phone. About 6x9x2 inches...with a carrying handle on the spine. It's a great size to hold any planner up to 5x8 in size, with pen, calculator, and additional tools in the inside pouch that once held the phone. Never thought I'd succumb to carrying a "man purse"!