help? for Mac, MS Word Cornell Notes Text Enterable template

hello everyone, I love DIY and the people here. I wanted you to know that I read alot, but dont comment often, but I think DIY is an invaluable place of thinker-artists-design minds of so many different kinds.

I have been searching DIY and found Cornell Notes template for printing out blanks. I would like to know if you know of one that is maybe like a Wizard in MS Word for Mac? There is one apparently downloadable for MS Word Windows. I tried it. nada. I tried converting it. Nada. I tried inserting, folding, bending, welding.

So far, the closest I can get is to
--take a reg MS Word blank doc,
--fill it with the 20 pp of text I have here,
--move the tabs on the left to the 3.5 mark,
so the text prints only on 2/3 of the page flush right,
-- remove all margins, and
--by hand in print preview put in line breaks about 2.5 inches from the bottom of each page.

That pretty well approximates a Cornell Note Template, but without the vertical and horizontal solid lines that separate one part from the other, and with hand work on each page. I'll draw in the horizontal and vertical lines on each page by hand.

I dont ned ruled lines, just blank.
I have scoured Googleygor, I mean Google, (I'm waiting for Ygorigle which will work even better than Google I just feel certain) and find no enterable mac ms word download template. I noted in the archives here at DIY someome else a time back wished for an text-enterable MS word Cornell also... but cdnt find a follow up to that

help? any info appreciated

with kind regards,

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Cornell Notes Template

Go here and you can create a .pdf file in the Cornell format. Just save and print as many as you need.

[unspammed and link-ified for you by ygor] your friend !

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

thanks, and I mispelled it

I think it should be Ygoracle. THAT's IT!!! Ygoracle i cristen thee from this day forward.

thanks ygor


Googlygor ?

four syllables ? -- goo gah lee gor
or three ? -- goo glee gor

I have no preference. They are both sufficiently silly.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)



I have no mac, so my advice is generic to word processing software.

Use a table.

Make a table that has two columns and two rows. Command is usually something like Insert/Table. A popup box appears asking how many columns and rows, use 2 and 2. The table will appear on the page, but it will be tiny and the columns will split the page evenly.

Stretch the table so it fills your entire page. Usually there's some sort of ruler in the left sidebar that has a little horizontal line at the cell borders, or a mouse tool you can use to set row height when you're hovering over the table border itself. Alternatively you can highlight a row and use the menus to set the row height. You want the bottom row to be skinnier than the top row, I think. Maybe a 3/4 to 1/4 ratio?

Set the column width so the left column is skinny and the right column is wide. Usually you can hover over the column border in the middle until the icon changes, then click and drag to set the width the way you want. You can also highlight a column and use the menus. This can get finicky, but keep at it, it will work once you get a feel for how the columns behave.

Now merge the cells of the bottom row together so the bottom row is one giant cell. Highlight the two cells (click and drag) and then use the menus to 'merge cells' to make the border between the two cells disappear.

If you want the borders to display when printed, you might have to highlight your table and set the border lines to be a color (black or gray or whatever) and a thickness (hairline or larger).

You'll have to copy the table itself to each page you want to use it on. Your software may have 'table properties' settings that will allow you to lock your measurements so they won't go astray when you start typing data in there. You'd want to lock the measurements first, then copy the table and paste it onto subsequent pages.

Note: If you decide later you want rules in the big cell in the upper right (the place where people take most of their notes) You can 'split cell' into multiple rows--you'll have to experiment with how many--or you can make a new table with, say, 30 rows or so and do an extra merge to get the left-side cells into one big block.

Use your program's help feature to understand the terminology if you have never worked with tables and cells and merging.


well shris

you get the angel wings medallion for clear wonderful instructions across platforms. It worked perfectly. You made me feel slightly I did exactly as you said, and there is a little eraser tool in the formatting palette of ms word for mac, and that merges the two bottom cells with one little tap. Then, I just copied the completed page to more pages in print preview til I had enough pages, 19 in this case, then I copied the text into the right hand side, and it laid down perfectly. I just have to see if it will print right, I believe it will. The original formatting of the file looks perfect.

I am so thrilled. Thanks so much for kind and careful instruction. I'd never done a table before. Cept of course dinner table a jillion times. lol


Glad it worked


Glad it worked for you. I always feel there's a little danger in posting instructions like that--some folks need so much more help than just a signpost, and I don't have time to teach someone how to use the mouse again (been there, done that). But it seemed like it ought to work for your purpose, and since most PDF files aren't editable to the degree you needed, well..

Anyway, glad it worked. :)


As soon as it gets approved...

I posted a link to a template generator. It was flagged as potential spam. Give it a bit and it'll show up.

thanks rocket jones

I went to the link, and it appears it makes blank cornell templates with your name and class if you type it in, but they wont take text from a MS Word file. CLose, though. Thank you


Don't count on it

I've had a small handful of posts blocked as potential spam and none of them have ever been posted.

If it's not too much trouble perhaps you could give a detailed enough description for Googling or Dogpiling.


Look up at the top of the comment thread

Ygor approved and link-ified it.

Did you ever tell an admin ?

If you tell an admin, we can un-spam it for you.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Yes, I did try to email someone

I forget the specifics but if I remember correctly one of the Admins may have been away when one of my posts was rejected so I never followed up on it.

Whipped something up

I just whipped up a template in Word.

Drop me a private message via my contact tab on my page (click on my name above), and I'll email you the template for your critique. Once we get something you like, I'll post it here.



For what it's worth, I made a template in Word for this. The way to get the lines to stay is to put the lines in the header of the document. Then they stay on every page. In any case, I've uploaded the rough and dirty template to the templates section, and it is now awaiting approval (ygor? innowen?)

Here's the LINK

I don't know when you will actually be able to click on it and access it, though.