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Office Depot is having a sale on the HP 32# paper. The half-reams were tagged at $4.00 each, but rang up at $3.00. When I saw that, I went back for more. :D

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Whitelines Paper

Has anybody seen the new Whitelines Paper? They don't have any US distributors listed yet. Wondered if any of our non-US folk had tried it. Or if anybody in the US had found it around. I'm intrigued by it and would like to see it.


whitelines review link

I saw this on the Penciltalk blog where they reviewed the Whitelines paper.

The reviewer says it is a nice paper for all writing mediums but a bit thin and will show thru dark lines.



Thanks for the link to the review! Looks like if it becomes available here in the states, I'll give it a try. But I don't think I'll try mail ordering it.


Have some whitelines paper to review....

I wrote the home office over a year ago, and finally got a response from the now-existing US distributor. They sent me some samples, which I've promised to review for

That said, does anyone have anything they want me to try on the paper to include in the review?

Also, you can order the stuff directly via these days.

I found some

I didn't remember this post, but I found Whitelines paper and journals at I purcashed three sizes. I was a bit disappointed, but then realized that they'd work just find for a different purpose.