renaissance art 4x6 cards

I can't believe it, they had a 4x6 jotter and pouch that I had been trying to find for forever! When I checked out the circa covers thats when I found them. I just ordered them today as well as a photo album to hold them in.
I already use a circa-fied planner in a franklin covey planner cover since I have the planner and a notebook in the cover. The new circa cover available through ren-art looks intriguing and could work just as well if not better. I use 4x6 cards for to-do lists, ideas, sketches, directions, etc. The to-do lists I punch and use in my planner. I like the fact I can move my list from week to week.

I did drool a bit over the moleskine covers they had, but ended up ordering covers for composition books instead through another merchant. I have a lot of composition notebooks already and wanted away to make them look a little more grown up instead of scrapping them altogether.

Also inspired by all talk of fountain pens, I scrounged around and found my two cheap Parkers. I had to clean them, but they both are writing really well, but the black Vector seems to be leaking a bit. I seem to recall having problems with that one when it was new, I kept getting ink on my fingers. BTW Levenger has large pen cartridges on sale. I ordered a bunch in brown and red for my Parkers.

Usually I just lurk around here, but I lurk alot and drool over all the levenger and ren-art items frequently! :)

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I have been drooling over the jotters for quite some time, so I would love to hear what you think about it upon arrival!

Give us a review of all of the goodies, okay?

nay nay


I will be sure to let you know what I think. I just got notification today that both orders shipped, so I should see them soon!


(If I feel ambitious, I may even take pictures)

I got everything....

and I had even posted a review with a link to pictures, but I forgot to spell out the dots and my post got tagged as spam. I have to wait for the powers that be to review my post to make sure it isn't spam and I am sure it will appear shortly.

Although I like my composition book covers, they still aren't as "grown up" as I would have liked. So I might just make my own.

On a side note, I went the FC store and got a Waterman Phileas fountain pen on sale for $30! Probaby not a great deal considering their markup but it came with a bottle of ink, 5 cartridges and a converter. So far I like the way it writes and it doesn't seem to leak, so we will see.

I also got one of the planner covers for their wire bound planning system and my circa planner fits in it just fine and I use the extra large circles.

Review (long overdue)

(since my original review got tagged as spam)

I ordered a circa cover, a 4x6 index card case, a 4x6 photo album, and a 4x6 jotter and a composition book cover. I had originally ordered only the 4x6 gear, but liked them so much I splurged and ordered the circa cover and the composition book cover too.
Also, a big shout out to Arthur for cutting some circa covers for me and including them in my order!

I have uploaded the pics and they can be found here. Please feel free to fix the link! :) [Fixed ! by ygor]

I have to say, I love the leather. As soon as I held it, I knew the rustic leather circa cover is only going to get better with age and will just enhance the rustic style in which it was made. All the pieces have a substantial feel and don't feel flimsy in any way. There were no hanging threads, missed seams, nor could I find any visible and significant flaws in construction could be found. All of the pieces have a strong rustic look, so if you like the cleaner lines of leather gear made by Levenger these pieces from Renaissance Art may not be for you.

The jotter was a bit larger than I had hoped, but now that I am used to it, I don't notice it much. And I love the fact it has two sides for "jotting". My only concern is that the flaps that hold the cards down may stretch out with use and become less effective, but I will only know with time as I continue to use.

I can slip the jotter in the large pocket of the circa cover and keep them together. I got it sized for the largest rounds (just in case) since this is my planner and I will be more likely to use the larger rounds for this purpose. I also got it with an inside pocket for a couple of business cards and the odd index card.

And finally, yes I would order from Renaissance Art again. Very courteous and great service. God help me if they create another item that I can't live without!

Star.. re. jotter and... um, well... did you refer to new stuff?

Star... if that jotter does stretch out just let me know and we will replace it no problem... even if it is years from now.

did you refer to new stuff??? ohmigosh... lots of that coming. "Some" stuff nobody knows about are the 3X5 card binders, moleskine cover with attached pouch for pens and other stuff, cPDA covers and cases, a thinline of covers for the moleskines, modular laptop bags, A4 and A5 size stuff. This week I have been having fun with cutting up some scrap plastic and making cPDA covers and then covering them (except for the top 3/4 inch) with different colors of thin leather. So far just red, mustard, black and our rustic brown (split to 2.5 ounces) but am looking for some orange leather to match my Namiki VP LE orange and some purple leather for the new color Namiki coming out.... and then my personal favorite, dark lime green.

If you find yourself in need of more covers let me know.

Btw... Star is the name of my dog trainer.


Uh-oh, I think I'm in love (don't tell my husband)

Rustic leather and paper, the stuff of dreams... Wow, cPDA covers -- I was just thinking that's the one thing I'd add to your product line. I see a purchase on the horizon...


The jotter? Covers? Why thank you!

I will definitely have to keep an eye for the new stuff.

Dogs? Funny, but all I do around here is wrangle cats! :)

Ren-Art in Black?

Hey, can I interpret your having fun with black leather on the cPDA to mean that you have found a black leather that meets your requirements?

Might Ren-Art things soon start to be available in black???

-the hopeful kmorris

Clarify, please...

Was that fun with black leather or fun in black leather ?

We want to hear about it either way
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

you crack me up

ygor... you crack me up! Nothin' gets past you :)

I could talk about the later, fun IN black leather but that is for another forum. So you will have to settle for the WITH.

I have field tested 2 prototype pda cases and have several more to make and test. The most difficult one is a diagonal split front with a pen loop to keep it closed. It has been revised about 6 times now and hope to have the latest revision to test tomorrow, Tuesday.

Colors... last week I asked suppliers to send me some colors...
orange (to match one of my fountain pens), mustard, dark lime, purple to match the new Namiki VP LE purple coming out soon... in addition to red, black (maybe) and 2 browns.


COLORED leather cPDA covers???

Me love COLOR. Is that going to be coming soon too???
I am anxiously awaiting the cPDA line..



Thanks for the review as I have been looking at the jotters!

Artbeast - may have to wait on my purchase until I see all the new stuff - sounds GREAT! Especially the 3X5 ring binder!!!

Star - any chance you would download your gorgeous templates here? LOVE THEM!

Thanks again,
nay nay

Star - any chance you would

Star - any chance you would download your gorgeous templates here? LOVE THEM!

I was looking at that as well. They look great !

Second that - very nice template designs

Did you make them, Star ?
If not, where did you find them, please ?
If you did, would you be willing to share with us ? Pretty please with sugar on top ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Yes I will share

I even have them saved as 4x6 pdf files. I will start uploading them tonight.

Glad you liked them!

Thank you

Those are beautiful!

Slight delay

I can't find the pdf's, but I still have the original files from Publisher. I will try to get them uploaded this weekend.

Templates have been uploaded

I have uploaded my templates. Now you guys will just have to wait until they are cleared by the powers that be.


Thank you for uploading

Now we just have to be patient I guess ... ;-)

No RenArt for my tastes...

I should try to convince him to make some leather stuff in a look I'd like -- black leather with silver bits. Very industrial looking. It wouldn't work for me if I had a job, but for school and personal stuff it would be awesome.

AH... the industrial look

I happen to really like the industrial look. Here is the problem. It is our black leather. We have been searching for years to find the perfect black... one that is soft, 5-1/2 -6 ounces in weight and does not crock (black dye coming off when rubbed). We get variations of that but not without one of our must haves being compromised. So that is the first obstacle. Then there is the antique pewter hardware we would want to have cast. We are not really into the shiny silver although that is not the deal breaker. It is finding the perfect black.



Well, let me know if you ever find the perfect black. I'd love to get a Circa cover from you.

Just checked out the site...

Hello Artbeast,
I am circa-obsessed and just saw your site! The covers and bags you have are great! I have been working on making the perfect bag to hold my circa and other essential items while being easy to open and jot when needed. I work with fabric though, but I am having a difficult time I keep getting side tracked. Are you going to do something in a black leather with silver hardware? Oh I cant wait to see the black leather, I understand your problem with it though, I have noticed that in the past and it gets a grey look to it.