Question about the Levenger Zip Folio

According to the Levenger site the zip folio accepts up to 3/4" disks, but I seem to recall someone mentioning that they went to the 1" disks for added capacity. If you have, was it a tight fit, did it stress the zipper, etc?

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1 inch is fine

Up until recently I used a Levenger zip folio with the one inch rings and it was fine. In fact, I often have tons of paper crammed into the side pockets and there was no problem. I'm no longer using the zip folio because I got a new cover from Renaissance Art :-).

My main complaint about the Levenger zip folio is it's actually too big for the cover and it slid around a lot and it drove me crazy.

I've used the 1 inch and I

I've used the 1 inch and I actually did find it a bit big (it made my zip folio bulge a bit). Not a huge deal if you don't mind that but I went down to the 3/4 size and I'm happier with that. I also agree that the zip folios are kinda big and the planner doesn't fit super well but I like the feeling of my planner being all snug and secure, lol ;)

Doug did mention the same

Doug did mention the same thing in his review of the system. He even demonstrated a hack to make it fit securely, so I'm thinking it's a pretty noticeable amount of movement.

I did a similar hack to snug it up

I'm using the Junior sized folio and the covers that come with the notebook/agenda are smaller than the folio pocket. While that makes it nice for putting in and taking out, it does have a tendency to slide more. I just took a piece of pad backing off a legal pad and cut it larger than the cover and slightly smaller than the folio, punched it, and put it all together. Now it's snug and still just as easy to put in/take out (even though I don't do that often).

By the way, I'm using 3/4" discs, but it looks like 1" would work fine without stressing the zipper. When I first got the folio, I put my agenda in with 3/4" discs and the 1/2" disc notebook the folio came with (for giggles' sake), and it closed just fine.

My current planner is the

My current planner is the Levenger zip folio in junior size with 1 Inch disks and it is working perfectly for me. I was unsure about this size fitting when I was researching also, but then found a good two part article on this system on this site written by Doug. That article pretty much sold me on the zip folio and I have been happy since the day I received it. The 1 Inch rings don't stress the zipper at all, in fact it seems to be about the right thickness for the folio. Here is Part 1 of the article, then Part 2. There is also a Part 3 that has some information on setting up the DIY Planner in the zip folio if you are interested.

As far as the notebook/planner sliding around, there is a hack that Doug explains in part 2 of the article to overcome it. That was one of the first things I did when I was assembling mine and it stays rock solid in the folio - doesn't slide around at all. The hack is simply an oversized "custom-cut" back cover to fit the pocket in the folio better.