Mom Planner

This a combination of Mom style planners, made to suit me. I wanted spaces to track daily reminders (with check boxes), weekly household chores, menu planning, and weekly appts for my children & myself. In the photo you can see that I added some graphics on my copy, they were purchased and are not included in the template.

Paper size: 
Classic and A5
Usage advice: 

My printer will not print to edge, so I print on legal size paper and cut to A5. You might be able to print directly onto A4 or you could print fit to page.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Excel
Template.xls27 KB
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Now this is what I call organized! Nice work - can I come over for dinner? Sounds YUMMY!

nay nay

Kudos! How does...

That is amazing! I love it!

Please tell me, How do you use the shop, call, do check boxes? Do they refer to another page?


Mom Planner

If you go to print preview you will see that the check boxes under Shop, Call, Do will not print - I have not greyed those lines. I just use that blank space to doodle, my hands must always be busy :) It would be easy to add check boxes if you like. You could then check off each box if you completed that day's items listed under the date. Hmmm - I like that idea. I try to keep the Shop Call Do items very short because I want to be sure to complete these items, and I use the check boxes at the bottom for things that if it doesn't get done on Monday and I do it Tuesday it is no big deal.

Thank you Thank you

I've been tweeking and started using this form. I work well with Excel. So THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! I know how much work it takes to line up all those columns to make the layout you desire.

The flowers look great!

Great work!

This has given me some ideas. I've been thinking/dreaming (seriously, literally dreaming) about how to incorporate this sort of planner format. I may steal your template and tweak it a bit.

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for making this

Thank you for making this available! I'm a grandmom, retired from full-time employment but involved in all sorts of activities and with many goals/objectives. With some mods to fit my particular situation, your template is just what I need for my Circa junior planner.

LOVE THIS!! I try both

LOVE THIS!! I try both flylady and motivated moms for household items. This is a great way to work in both! I'm also seeing if I can tweak it a bit to incorporate my work as well.. but I'm thinking this will make a wonderful home calendar if not.



where did you find those beautiful graphics- i want to buy them too! your planner is so cute i love it!

microsoft web site

there are a lot of free graphics on the microsoft web site - search flowers!!

Great template

Love this template; You did a really great job and the I ask what type of planner that you are using this form in?

It looks very eye catching and versatile; Would love to find something like this to use myself?

Mom Planner

I am using a Levenger Circa Leather Foldover Notebook Junior size in the colour Toffee which is on sale right now for the incredible price of $24.95. I love it! I did have to buy a desk punch as well, but I consider it a good investment in future planners. As my needs change, I will still be able to adapt my planner and use my punch for many more years.


Great template - Quick question... how do you add image to the xls template? Thanks Niki

Images etc

It's probably easiest just to print the images separately on the paper, after printing the template. Rather than add them to the template.

If you like pretty planning pages, try using letter-writing stationery. Remaindered stationery and cheap stationery kits from $1 shops make for very pretty planner pages. Although you have to find paper printed without lines

You wouldn't be able to help

You wouldn't be able to help me with how to print this would you?
I can't figure out how to get it to print front in back with the dates?


This is a great daily

This is a great daily planner form Mom's. Thank you for sharing.

RE: mom planner

I love this template!! Great job!!! Can this be used in Open Office? If so how?

Opened for me

I just opened the template in OOo3, and it opened just fine. I use A4, however, so the margins were off, but that's always something to check before you start printing. ;-)

BTW, the little floral ornaments aren't in the template file. I think that was something extra added.