Filofax Mini and 4 x 6 Index Cards

I haven't seen too many posts about using 4 x 6 index cards so I here is one ...

I have owned the FiloFax Mini Lyndhurst Zippered Organizer for several years but recently broke down and bought the FiloFax Hole Punch. To sum it up in 2 words - Great Combination.

Now I am printing duplex on 4 x 6 index cards, that once folded and hole punched provides a 4 page insert for my organizer. These pages can then be stored in 4 x 6 card box once you are done.

The beauty is the clean look of the finished product with minimal amount of production time.

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What size is the final page? Do you have any pictures you could share? :)

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Just a guess...

But I'm thinking they'll be 2x3 once they're folded in half ;-p

Just funnin' with ya!


Can I hide my shame behind the fact its a monday? ;P

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For you?

I'll let it slide this time. :-D Happy Monday!

FYI: Filofax Mini...

The Mini Lyndhurst looks very nice and the forms are 2 5/8" x 4 1/4"

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Posting Samples

I will post some samples on Wednesday Night. If any is interested I will create some templates and post them as well.

Love to see pictures!

I use 4x6 index cards in a purse photo album as a sort of hipster. Would love to see your ideas.