Douglas Johnston's Hipster PDA Kit

I'm guessing that some of you are here looking for my D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition templates. This is just the description of what I typically carry around.

This is what I tote around when I'm not carrying my main Day Runner kit.

  • A small Eddie Bauer gadget bag, with three large external pockets, and plenty of internal ones -- one of the best buys I've ever made
  • Hipster PDA (my templates, 'natch) with about 30 cards total
  • One of Brian King's colourful cardboard index card wallets, with a matching clip
  • A Staedtler 0.3 Liquid Ball pen
  • A business-card sized Kit ID with name, address, email, phone number
  • A Palm Tungsten E with a 512Mb SD card filled with music, audiobooks, radio plays, graphics and/or ebooks
  • Set of Sennheiser earbuds
  • (Optional) My Palm Wireless Keyboard, if I'm planning on doing any major duty word processing on the road (I use Blue Nomad's Wordsmith)
  • Whatever book I'm currently reading (here, Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird)
  • Some spare change (at least a toonie and a quarter), because you never know...

Only other things I regularly carry are my wallet and my Leatherman Wave.

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Can you tell us what the

Can you tell us what the model name and/or number is of the bag? It's a beauty, but I can't find it on the eddie bauer website.

Eddie Bauer Bag

I've scoured the bag inside-out, my friend, and can't see hide nor hair of a model number or name. The only thing on it is the Eddie Bauer logo. I checked their website, but can't see it.

For what it's worth, it has: an adjustable shoulder strap; two belt loops; an outside zippered pocket (for checkbook, change, etc.); a large accordian-style middle pocket with webbed pockets, several small and medium-sized zippered pockets, a divider, a key lanyard, and places for cards and change; and a larger pocket that holds two medium-size paperbacks (say, the size of Getting Things Done), with yet another zippered inner pocket. It cost about $15-20, if I don't miss my guess. Hope this helps....

all my best,
a million monkeys typing :

that sounds like the perfect

that sounds like the perfect bag. looks like they may not make it anymore, or, at least, no longer have it on their website. how long ago did you get it, may I ask?

also, I found a shoptalk thread about the best gadget bags, which might be useful. though none of the ones I've investigated look nearly as functional & perfectly sized as this Eddie Bower above. I've got serious bag envy!

Thanks for posting your kit, it's helpful in planning my own.

another candidate for the perfect gear bag

I was browsing the Timbuktu web site and found their Slant bag. Looks like it would be convenient to carry around - not too big, but lots of pockets inside for various and sundry. Too bad I can't find it in a store to take a look at it! $80 plus tax and shipping and possibly shipping back is a lot of money when I've never seen their gear in person... anyone use their products? any endorsements?


Timbuktu slant bag

I saw that on the website, too, and was really intrigued. I felt the same as you - I'm not ready to order it without getting to poke and prod it in person, but it looks very interesting doesn't it???


I've emailed the company...

to ask if any of the retail stores that carry their line have the slant bag. will let you know if I get an answer, if you'd like.



Yes, please!

reply from Timbuktu

Hi Fran,

Thanks for emailing Timbuk2.

Sadly, we have no way of knowing what retailers have instock. The best thing to do is locate a retailer in your area and give them a call! If you can not find the bag in your area, it is avavilable at Our return policy is within 30 days of the original purchase, in unused condition. So, if you order it and see it is not what you wanted, you can send it back! I have included links to our Retail Locater and Return Policy below.

Thanks for your interest in

Ericka Fontenot
Customer Service
Timbuk2 Designs Inc.


Thanks, if you get one of those funky slant bags, do post about it.-Sarah

Try the Mini Cargo Pocket Organizer

I've found the the captioned organizer works pretty much the same as the Eddie Bauer bag- just not quite as big. You can see it at: and look for the Mini Cargo Pocket Organizer under the "Organizers" header...

Messenger Bag

Doug seems to have taken the link off of his main page (to update it?), but there is also a D*I*Y Planner Messenger Bag in the Million Monkey's Typing Cafe Press Store.


Messenger Bag design

I'll be changing the designs in the Cafepress store to reflect the new URL, along with some adding new products more closely in line to what this site is meant to achieve. (Yet another item in a very long to-do list....)

all my best,


Is there still a DIYPlanner cafe press store? :D

my artwork


This Leatherman thingie sounds like an Old Europe's Swiss Army knife on steroid! The Swiss Army knife must incidently not to be confused with the French Police Knife!

Digital and Paper

Would you mind telling us why you still use DIY Hipster PDA while you have a digital Palm? Tks!

It sounds like he uses it

It sounds like he uses it mostly for media. I'm toying with the idea of getting a couple of large memory cards and phasing out my 3rd Gen iPod.

I'll have this sort of setup by week's end only mine will include my Nintendo DS :) . My bag situation still isn't great. I need to sort that out. I have a Palm E2 coming this week which I'll pair up with the hPDA/stack of cards. I found the Palm to be a big PIA when it came to quick notes but the cards are great. If it's something that I'll need beyond the next hour I can input it into E2. I just need to be disciplined.

Anybody have a case like DJ's? I was thinking of trying Target since they have a huge assortment for reasonable prices.


Media on the Palm

My Palm Tx came with pTunes. I bought a 2GB SD card for $27 at Best Buy, planning to use it for books. Then my iPod crashed. I haven't gotten around to getting it fixed yet, mostly because I put 1.5GB of my favorite songs on the Palm. I have one of those broadcast units that plays iPods over the car radio, and it plugs into the headphone jack of my Palm just fine. I spend a lot of time driving for my job, so music is crucial. And because pTunes shuts off the screen, playing music doesn't drain much power. My only complaint is that the pTunes interface sucks. (Usually I just put it on random while driving, instead of trying to set up real playlists.)

Oh, and I still have room for all my books on the card, too! I carry several novels with me, plus some reference books...

I got my E2 yesterday so I'm

I got my E2 yesterday so I'm well on my way to replicating this kit. I'm amazed at how nice it is compared to my old Tungsten T and even the C which I only had for a month before I eBayed it. I just need a nice kit bag and a case for the E2 now. Target and Walmart didn't have anything worth buying. I'll need to make a trip this weekend to hunt down a nice bag.


Index Card Wallet

I can see the nice cardboard wallet for your hipster. Can you provide a link?

It's in the Hipster download

in the "covers" folder - in the 1-up and 4-up download, not the Graphic
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