FYI: Circa Zip Folios on Sale


Compact Toffee, Cranberry, Bluebell, Sand, Celery, Grapemist, Eggplant, Forest Green $24.95

Junior Toffee $29.95

Letter Toffee $39.95

Grab them while they last !!
If you live near a retail store, you can get them there. I just got a Junior size for $30

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Eggplant--so pretty

I just got mine in Eggplant which is very pretty and darker than I thought it would be. I love it!This is a different size for me because I am usually a Junior size Circer, but I like it for my book discussions.
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I got toffee

I ordered mine last week - came yesterday. Whoever made the comment about holding it against your cheek and cooing like a dove - that has become me. Love it.

I ordered a junior toffee

I ordered a junior toffee last week, but the order got cancelled since they were out of stock. :(

I wish I had a use for the compact....

Can anyone tell me this....Are the circa rings embedded in the folio or it there just a pocket for a notebook on the right side?

I may try to cannabalize an older zip folio that I had to use a circa notebook....I'll have to try that out....

Notebook slips into pocket

My eggplant Compact zip lets you slip in the notebook. Hmmmm....wonder if the Junior notebook will fit?
"To fly, we must have resistance."

Can you test this theory?

Can you test this theory? If the junior will fit, I think I might find a use for the compact size after all.....


the junior size will not fit in the compact zip folio.

However, i have successfully fit a quarter letter (4.25x5.5 inch) planner in the compact zip folio before :)

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Too wide for the Compact to zip closed.

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I thought that, too

I really wanted to have a Junior zip but....I got the compact size and it is perfect for taking to book discussions. I take notes from my reading and it is not bulky to flip through your notes to find salient points during the discussions. Just one cpplication from this devoted Junior sizer.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

they need a better inventory system

I ordered a compact in celery and it too got canceled due to out of stock...

Lightens up when in the light---imagine!

I took the Eggplant for a walk to a meeting yesterday and in daylight, the color is fab.
"To fly, we must have resistance."

20% Coupon

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Order one yesterday, can't wait to get it.