Rollabind/Atoma for British members

This might be of interest to those living in Britain who want some Rollabind/Atoma notebooks. Check out WHSmith for thier "Project Books". These are A4 disc bound notebooks. I suspect that they use Atoma rather than Rollabind discs but as others here have said these are compatible.

If your local WHSmith shop doesn't have them (and my local large shop doesn't) they can be ordered from their web site and search for "project books". Web site is showing only black covers. They are listed as in stock at the moment.

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Rymans also have the adoc

Rymans also have the adoc system which seems to be the same. They have A4 and A5 as well as refill paper.
The adoc one has very good quality paper and rounded edges (this looks nice) and a card cover.
The wh smiths one has plastic cover (see through only I think), plastic tabbed pages and 'normal' quality paper. The plastic cover is also large enough to cover the tabs ie its over sized (so kinda a bit ugly IMHO).
The disks are spaced the same on both but the smiths ones are slightly larger.

Ah never thought of Rymans

Excellent hat-tip. I never think of going in Rymans (usually over-priced and less variety) but their promotion of ADOC stuff looks ideal.

And an update on WHSmith. My local store actually had some Atoma/ADOC bound "work" and "note" books for sale yesterday. In three sizes (A4, A5 and A6). With black, red and silver-grey. These are not on their web site.

more on adoc in the UK

I just found a company called pegasus national who seem to do adoc in different sizes and have a variety of paper refills. The paper seems cheaper than rymans (but still adoc so presumably still that good quality) and they have a hole punch but its a staggering £120 down from £200! so probs best to still get those kinda things from the states.


Does anyone know where I can get rollabind in Australia.
Rather an expensive habit buying from US. Shipping costs are a killer!

Dunno about Rollabind

There's an Atoma distributor for Australia...

Mr Alban Thika
North Terrace 231
5000 SA Adelaide
FAX 0061/88 232 0563

(Found on Atoma's site.)


Thanks for the info, I'll have a look at the product and costs.
Much appreciated.